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Leading Marines Test Answers

Welcome to the PME (Professional Military Education) Answers page for the “Leading Marines Admin and Communication” module. This module is a vital part of the comprehensive training designed for Marines aspiring to take on leadership roles in the Corps. It covers key aspects of administrative procedures, communication protocols, and guidelines pertinent to the effective execution of responsibilities within these roles.

The questions and answers presented in the following table serve as a resource to help understand and reinforce the essential knowledge gained from the module. The topics span from security measures when using social media, the interpretation of federal laws, components of the U.S. Constitution, promotion protocols, social media guidelines, and much more.

Remember, the goal of PME is not only to pass a test but to cultivate the skills and understanding necessary to be an effective leader in the Marine Corps. As you review the information in this table, consider how each answer applies to your role as a Marine and a leader.

PME: Leading Marines Admin and Communication Answers

When using social media, which of the following are security measures you should follow? Select all that applyReview your social media accounts daily for possible use or changes by unauthorized users. Always use strong passwords to protect your social media sites accounts.
The Constitution is the, (Blank), that governs our relationship with each other, with our government, and between the various states of the union.Rule book
Which branch of the U.S. government interprets federal laws?Judicial
What are the basic components of the Constitution?Preamble, seven articles, and amendments
Which occasion requires proficiency and conduct marks be recorded for an active duty Marine?Promotion to corporal
When posting on social media which of the following is a guideline for political activities by members of the Armed ForcesYou cannot solicit votes for or against a party, candidate, or cause
When taking the oath of enlistment Marines swear that they Will obey the orders of the president of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over themTrue
When using social media which of the following are security measures that will help protect your computer? Select all that apply.Install and maintain current antivirus anti-malware and anti-spyware software on your computer. Don’t click on links start downloads or open email attachments unless the source is trusted
Which of the following are characteristics of social media? select all that applyConnectedness, openness, participation
Which social media guideline describes the use of a disclaimer when you make unofficial Internet posts?You must make it clear that you are speaking for yourself and not on behalf of the Marine Corps
Which of the reported data elements below are used to directly determine a marines composite scoreAverage proficiency mark
Which of the following is a type of promotion according to the lesson?Meritorious promotion
Which of the following are guidelines for political activities by members of the Armed Forces? Select all that apply.Don’t express or imply Marine Corps endorsements of any opinion product or cause. You cannot participate in any interview or discussion as an advocate for or against party candidate or cause. You cannot solicit votes for or against a party candidate or cause
Which of the following are social media guidelinesProfessionally and respectfully correct misinformation made by others about the Marine Corps. Don’t use any words logos or other marks that would infringe upon intellectual property rights of others. Your social network friends and followers may potential constitute relations that can affect your ability to hold a security Clearence
Which of the following is an objective of the Marine Corps promotion systemTo ensure that only the best and fully qualified marines are promoted
What marking range would Marines fall into if they are evaluated as unacceptable in Conduct0 to 1.9
What marking range would Marines fall into if they are you evaluated as average in conduct4 to 4.4
Corporals and below will receive proficiency and conduct Marks (Blank) at a minimumSemi annually
What branch of the US government includes the commander in chiefExecutive
Which of the following are purposes of proficiency and conduct Marks? Select all that applyTo record a marines performance. To determine characterization of service upon discharge

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