It May Be Said That Great Literature Embraces Ambiguity Because

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It may be said that great literature embraces ambiguity because

A. we seldom have clues to the motivations of the protagonist.

B. little insight is offered into the character or qualities of an antagonist.

C. it allows us to interpret a plot in at least two ways.

D. it reflects the uncertainty we face in real-life decisions.


It may be said that great literature embraces ambiguity because it reflects the uncertainty we face in real-life decisions. In contrast, school answers and solutions present a world of certainty in which there is always a single, correct answer to every question. This blog post will explore the implications of this dichotomy by looking at how education has evolved over time and how schools can benefit from embracing ambiguity.

It is important to note that the dichotomy between education and real life is not absolute. There are many aspects of school that reflect the ambiguity of the real world. For example, when students are asked to interpret a text, they must grapple with multiple layers of meaning and often arrive at different conclusions. In this way, schools do provide opportunities for students to practice dealing with ambiguity.

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