How Did John Thornton Die

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How did John Thornton die?

A. He died from frostbite to his feet.

B. He died in the river rapids.

C. He was killed by a group of wild wolves.

D. He was killed by Native Americans.


D. He was killed by Native Americans.

John Thornton died because He was killed by Native Americans.

The deuteragonist of Jack London’s 1903 short adventure novel The Call of the Wild is John Thornton. He is Buck’s last and finest owner until he was shot by the Yeehats, at which point he became a wild dog in service to the wild.

Jack London’s novel ends with the death of Jack Thornton in the final chapter. By this time, Buck has been “domesticated” (to the best extent possible) and won a significant amount of money betting on his loyalty and strength, as well as winning. Thornton and some friends buy equipment with this money and go deeper into Alaska’s wilderness in search of gold. Even though “the call of the wild” is louder than ever here, Buck stays with Thornton out of love for him, even though he keeps wanting to go off with his wolf family.

Thornton and his friends are murdered one day later at the camp by a group of Yeehat (Native Alaskan) people, who shoot them with arrows. Buck kills several of the attackers and grieves for his slain friend, but he must go off to join the wolves, who are really his family.

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