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FoolProof Module 11 Test Answers

Fool Proof Module 11: Take This Bet All About Gambling Answers

Oklahoma vs. Australia:Australia has just 12 casinos!
France has 50 casinos!
England has 60 casinos!
If you’ve lost quite a bit of money, then you’re automatically due to win eventually. It’s just a matter of time.False
What is one of the most likely places in the world that people your age will develop gambling problems?In Oklahoma there’s a greater chance you’ll become a problem gambler than in any other place in the world.
If people know the chances of making a profit when they gamble is very, very small, why do they keep gambling?All of the above
A person says they will pay you $10.00 if you can correctly multiply 2 X 4. (The person wants nothing from you if you lose.)No risk
Check the reason that bet has no risk:Even if you lose, you don’t have to pay anything. Plus, you know the answer.
Why is the bet below “high risk?”You can’t afford to lose $100 bucks!
How much money do people around the world spend on gambling in one year?One hundred billion dollars.
That's $100,000,000,000.000.
Gambling is something you should only do if you have discretionary incomeFalse
If you’re playing the slot machine with the worst odds, guess how many times you could play that machine before you win the big prize?33 million plays of the machine have to happen before you win the big slot prize.
What do you think the odds are of you being “dealt” that hand?1 in 2,598,960
Get this scenario:
You’re playing the slots and “win” twenty-five bucks! You’re stoked.
During the past ten weeks, you’ve won another fifty bucks.
But you’ve dropped two bucks in the slot machines every day for ten weeks.
Your total income from gambling: $75
Your total expenses related to gambling: $140
Which answer is correct?
I won $0
I lost $65
Next scenario:
You’ve bought lottery tickets every week for the past four years.
That’s an average spending of $10 per week.
After four years, you finally win $1000.
Your total income from the lottery: $1000
Your total expenses related to buying lottery tickets: $2080
Which answer is correct?
I won $0
I lost $1080
Which of the following statements is correct?
The probability of that event is 100%.
The chances of you predicting correctly that it will get dark tonight are 100%.
Both are correct
The job of any gambling operation is to make sure you never gamble over your personal limitFalse
Gambling only has to do with actual money. You cannot gamble with other thingsFalse
Which group of people is the LEAST likely to be hurt by gambling?People who know their limits and make sure that they don’t put themselves in debt while gambling
What are some of the main realities you need to accept about gambling?All of the above
Online gambling sites do a really good job with which of the following?Making you think you are a smart gambler who will not lose a lot of money
When you gamble you need to make sure you never:Spend money that is budgeted for your monthly expenses
You are a person who mistakenly believes you have a better chance to really win big if you just keep on gambling. What is that belief called?Gambler’s Fallacy
Online gambling can be dangerous becauseAll of the above
What are some signs of a person with a serious gambling problem?All of the above
What is “probability”?The likelihood that something will happen
Which choice shows people who are LESS likely to be hurt by gambling?People who budget money for gambling as they budget money for other entertainment, and stick with that budget

Your state may have no casinos or a few casinos, but get this:

  • Some gambling operators are reaching out to young people your age with text messages!
  • Online gambling can take place anywhere there’s a computer!
  • Gambling supporters like to point out that legal gambling provides income to many educational, healthcare and other important and underfunded programs.
  • Despite the income that gambling may bring to some programs, compulsive gambling accounts for $40 billion in annual losses from counseling, productivity declines and social services, according to an estimate by the National Gambling Impact Study Commission, a body created by Congress to study the problem.

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