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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Changing America CommonLit Answers

  • 5th Grade
  • Lexile: 560

Source: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Changing America by Barbara Radner

Assessment Answers

PART A: Which of the following best identifies a central idea of this text?Americans celebrate Dr. King because he led people to create equality.
PART B: Which phrase from the text best supports the answer to Part A?“They got the right to sit anywhere in the bus.” (Paragraph 4).
Which of the following statements best summarizes the way Dr. King created change?Dr. King created change through his strong leadership, moving speeches, and his support of continued non-violent protest, such as boycotts and marching.
Which of the following best describes how Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy is remembered in America today?Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. has become a figure of peace and equality, not just in America but all over the world.

“When he led marches, people were angry … Even though people shouted at him, he kept marching.” What does this quote from paragraph 2 reveal about Dr. King’s character or point of view, especially as a leader?

It reveals several important aspects of Dr. King’s character and point of view, especially in his role as a leader:

  1. Persistence and Resilience: Dr. King continued to lead marches despite facing anger and opposition. This demonstrates a strong sense of persistence and resilience. He did not let adversity or hostility deter him from his goals.
  2. Commitment to Non-Violence: The fact that he continued marching peacefully, even in the face of aggression, underscores his commitment to non-violence. This approach was a cornerstone of his philosophy and leadership in the Civil Rights Movement.
  3. Courage and Bravery: Leading marches in the face of anger and shouting required a great deal of courage. Dr. King’s willingness to confront difficult and potentially dangerous situations head-on shows his leadership bravery.
  4. Dedication to Civil Rights and Equality: The act of continuing to march despite opposition highlights his unwavering dedication to the cause of civil rights and equality. It shows that his commitment to these principles was stronger than the fear of negative reactions.
  5. Inspirational Leadership: His actions would have been a source of inspiration to others. By continuing to march in the face of hostility, Dr. King set an example for his followers, showing them the importance of standing firm for their beliefs.

This quote reveals Dr. King’s persistence, commitment to non-violence, courage, dedication to civil rights and equality, and his ability to inspire others through his leadership. These qualities were integral to his approach and effectiveness as a leader in the Civil Rights Movement.

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