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Before you have work done on your vehicle, ______________.

Before you have work done on your vehicle, ______________.

  • talk at length with the mechanic
  • be prepared to spend an inordinate amount of time waiting
  • find out if the dealer has a vehicle you can drive temporarily
  • get a detailed estimate

Answer: Before you have work done on your vehicle, get a detailed estimate.


Prior to getting work done on your car, you should get a detailed estimate to avoid being charged an absurdly large amount by the mechanic and to avoid being charged for repairs that are unnecessary.

Before you have anything done on your car, get a thorough estimate that specifies the service, the components, and the labor charges.

Whether you’re buying or selling a vehicle, knowing how much everything will cost to repair it is a must. It’s quite possible that repairing your car would be a better option than throwing good money after bad into an old automobile that can no longer be driven as it once could.

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