What Was The Goal Of The Temperance Movement?

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What was the goal of the temperance movement?

A. Abolish slavery

B. Give women the right to vote

C. End war

D. Ban the sale and consumption of alcohol


The goal of the temperance movement was to ban the sale and consumption of alcohol.

The temperance movement was a social movement that aimed to reduce the consumption of alcohol. The movement started in the early 19th century and gained momentum in the United States during the 1830s. The goal of the temperance movement was to reduce the harmful effects of alcohol on individuals and society.

In addition to its goals of reducing alcohol consumption, the temperance movement also sought to promote other causes such as women’s suffrage and abolitionism. The temperance movement eventually successfully achieved its goals; by 1915, most states had enacted laws prohibiting the sale or manufacture of alcoholic beverages.

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