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The Concept Of Revealed By Includes Which Of The Following

Question: Select ALL the correct responses. The concept of “revealed by” includes which of the following?

Quick answer:

  • A reader can deduce the classified information by performing additional interpretation or analysis.
  • Classified information comes from an authorized source into a new document.

This question is a part of Security Awareness: Derivative Classification Answers.

Broad Description

The concept of “revealed by” refers to the process through which classified information becomes accessible or understandable to a reader by performing additional interpretation or analysis. In other words, the information is not directly stated or explicitly mentioned, but can be deduced by examining the context, associated data, or other related sources.

In the case of classified information, it is crucial to ensure that the sensitive details are adequately protected and not inadvertently disclosed. When creating a new document or sharing information from an authorized source, it is essential to consider how the information might be revealed by, even if unintentionally. This could include examining the document for any indirect references or clues that may lead a reader to deduce the classified information.

To protect classified information, individuals handling such information should adhere to strict security protocols and guidelines, including proper classification markings, secure communication channels, and limiting access to those with appropriate security clearances.

Resource: Protection of Classified Information

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