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Morning Meeting Questions


What are the top morning meeting questions you use?

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2 Answers

  1. Here are some effective questions you can use to make the most out of your morning meetings:

    1. What’s your main focus for the day?
      • Encourages team members to share their priorities and ensures that everyone is aware of what others are working on.
    2. Are there any obstacles that might prevent you from accomplishing your goals today?
      • Allows team members to seek help early on issues that could hinder their productivity.
    3. What did you accomplish yesterday?
      • Provides a platform for team members to discuss their progress and celebrate completed tasks.
    4. How did yesterday’s tasks move us closer to our project goals or deadlines?
      • Helps connect daily activities to larger objectives and keeps the team focused on end goals.
    5. Is there any information you need that you haven’t received yet?
      • Helps identify communication gaps and ensures that everyone has what they need to proceed with their tasks.
    6. Do you have any quick updates that the team needs to be aware of?
      • Offers a moment for sharing relevant news or updates that affect the team or project.
    7. Is there anything coming up this week that we need to prepare for as a team?
      • Assists in forward planning and allows for better allocation of resources and time.
    8. How are we progressing towards our weekly/monthly/quarterly targets?
      • Keeps the team aligned with the broader goals and aware of the pace needed to meet targets.
    9. Does anyone have any interesting news, ideas, or tools they discovered recently that could benefit the team?
      • Encourages continuous learning and sharing of resources that could improve team performance.
    10. Is there anything we need to discuss as a team that isn’t already on the agenda?
      • Provides an open floor for any issues or ideas that haven’t been scheduled for discussion.
  2. Icebreakers:

    1. What’s one positive thing that happened since our last meeting?
    2. If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?
    3. If you won a million dollars, what’s the first thing you would do?

    Project/Work Updates:

    1. What are the top priorities on your plate today/this week?
    2. Did you face any roadblocks or challenges since we last met?
    3. Is there anything you need help or unblocking on from the team?
    4. What milestones or achievements did you/your team hit recently?

    Professional Development:

    1. Is there any training or learning you’d like help with?
    2. What new skills are you trying to develop right now?
    3. How can I better support your professional growth goals?

    Team Building:

    1. What’s one thing you really appreciate about our team/company culture?
    2. If we could make one process improvement as a team, what would it be?
    3. What’s one fun team activity or outing you’d like us to do?

    General Engagement:

    1. What’s one thing you’re really excited about outside of work right now?
    2. What’s something you learned recently that impressed or surprised you?
    3. Is there any feedback you’d like to share with me or the team?