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Identify the type of reaction that is shown below


Identify the type of reaction that is shown below:

MgO + Co2 –> MgCO3

Magnesium oxide + Carbon dioxide –> Magnesium carbonate

A. synthesis reaction
B. decomposition reaction
C. combustion reaction
D. single displacement reaction

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1 Answer

  1. A. synthesis reaction

    Synthesis reaction: A reaction in which two or more reactants combine to produce a single product; think about what it means to synthesize – to combine
    Decomposition reaction: A reaction that produces two or more products from a single reactant; breaking something down
    2 NaOH –> Na2O + H2O
    Combustion reaction: A reaction in which an atom or molecule reacts with oxygen to produce energy in the form of light & heat; there is always H2O as a byproduct
    CH4 + 2O2 –> CO2 + 2H2O + Energy
    Single displacement reaction: A reaction where one atom or molecule that is replaced by another element in a compound
    2 HCl + Zn –> ZnCl2 + H2