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How to put iPhone camera on night mode?


How to use night mode on iPhone?

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1 Answer

  1. To enable Night mode on your iPhone camera, follow these steps:

    1. Open the Camera App: Start by opening the Camera app on your iPhone.
    2. Select the Right Mode: Night mode is available on iPhone 11 and later models. It automatically activates in low-light environments when you’re in the Photo mode. Look for the moon icon at the top of the screen, which indicates that Night mode is available.
    3. Adjusting Night Mode Manually: If the Night mode icon (moon icon) appears yellow, it means it’s active. You can manually adjust the exposure time by tapping on the moon icon and using the slider that appears to increase or decrease the exposure time, depending on your preference.
    4. Stabilize Your Phone: For best results, stabilize your iPhone, either by holding it very steady or using a tripod. Night mode involves longer exposure times, and movement can blur the photo.
    5. Take the Picture: Press the shutter button. The camera will take a bit longer to capture the image as it gathers more light during the extended exposure time.