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How Do I Start a Cover Letter?


I’m currently applying for jobs and need to write a cover letter. I’m struggling with how to start it off in a way that grabs the hiring manager’s attention and sets a positive tone. Any tips or examples on how to start a cover letter effectively would be greatly appreciated!

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2 Answers

  1. A strong opening for your cover letter is crucial to grab the hiring manager’s attention and make them want to read more. Here are some ways to start your cover letter:
    Highlight Your Enthusiasm and Targeted Application:

    • Classic Approach: “I am writing to express my keen interest in the [Job Title] position advertised on [Platform where you found the job].” (Simple and effective)
    • Quantify Your Interest: “Having spent [Number] years honing my skills in [Relevant Skill] and a passion for [Industry], I was thrilled to discover the [Job Title] opportunity at [Company Name].” (Showcases enthusiasm and specific interest)

    Lead with a Relevant Achievement:

    • Start with an Impressive Feat: “In my previous role at [Previous Company], I successfully [Achievement related to the job description]. I am confident I can replicate this success at [Company Name] in the [Job Title] role.” (Grabs attention and highlights skills)

    Opening with a Powerful Statement:

    • Knowledge of the Company’s Work: “I’ve been a long-time admirer of [Company Name]’s innovative work in [Company’s area of expertise], and the opportunity to contribute to the team as a [Job Title] is truly exciting.” (Demonstrates research and aligns goals)

    **Remember to tailor the opening to the specific job and company you’re applying to. You can also mix and match elements from these examples to craft your unique opening.
    Here are some additional tips:

    • Keep it concise: Aim for 1-2 sentences to grab the reader’s attention.
    • Action verbs: Use strong action verbs to showcase your skills and achievements.
    • Proofread carefully: Ensure there are no typos or grammatical errors.
  2. Hi there,

    Starting your cover letter in a way that captures the hiring manager’s attention is crucial. Here are some tips and examples to help you craft a compelling introduction:

    1. Address the Hiring Manager by Name:
      • Whenever possible, find out the name of the hiring manager and address them directly. This personal touch shows that you’ve done your homework and are genuinely interested in the position.
    2. State the Position and How You Found It:
      • Clearly mention the job title you’re applying for and where you found the job posting. This helps the employer immediately understand the context of your application.
    3. Express Enthusiasm for the Role:
      • Show genuine excitement about the position and the company. A positive and enthusiastic tone can make a strong first impression.
    4. Highlight a Key Achievement or Relevant Experience:
      • Start with a brief mention of a key achievement or relevant experience that makes you a strong candidate for the position. This can pique the hiring manager’s interest and encourage them to read further.

    Example Openings:

    1. Direct and Professional:
      Dear [Hiring Manager’s Name],

      I am writing to express my interest in the [Job Title] position at [Company Name], as advertised on [Job Board/Company Website]. With [X years] of experience in [Your Field/Industry], I am excited about the opportunity to contribute to your team.

    2. Enthusiastic and Personal:
      Dear [Hiring Manager’s Name],

      When I came across the [Job Title] position at [Company Name], I was thrilled. As someone who has [relevant experience or achievement], I am eager to bring my skills in [specific area] to your innovative team.

    3. Achievement-Focused:
      Dear [Hiring Manager’s Name],

      As a [Your Profession] with a track record of [specific achievement], I was excited to see the opening for a [Job Title] at [Company Name]. My experience in [relevant area] makes me a perfect fit for your team.

    4. Company-Driven:
      Dear [Hiring Manager’s Name],

      I am particularly drawn to the [Job Title] position at [Company Name] because of your commitment to [specific company value or mission]. With my background in [relevant experience], I am excited about the opportunity to contribute to your goals.

    5. Question or Bold Statement:
      Dear [Hiring Manager’s Name],

      How does a [Your Profession] with a passion for [specific field] and a proven ability to [key achievement] contribute to [Company Name]? I believe I can bring [specific skills] to your team and help achieve [specific goal or mission].

    Additional Tips:

    • Research the Company: Demonstrating knowledge about the company in your opening can show that you’re genuinely interested and have taken the time to understand their needs and culture.
    • Be Concise: Your opening should be engaging but also to the point. Avoid lengthy introductions and get straight to the reason you’re writing.
    • Tailor for Each Job: Customize your cover letter for each job application to ensure it aligns with the specific role and company.