Summative Quiz Chapter 16 Answers

Questions Antitrust laws make certain “anticompetitive” practices illegal because these practices raise prices andreduce output, which reduces the total amount of consumer surplus. Why are antitrust laws uncommon inmarkets that are highly contestable? a. Since the market is contestable, antitrust laws are illegal. b. In contestable markets, there is always the threat of losing the …

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Photosynthesis Quiz

Before scientists understood the process of photosynthesis, they were at a loss to explain how plants could grow and increase their mass so dramatically from what appeared to be a steady diet of water. A 17th-century Flemish chemist named Jean Baptista van Helmont thought plants “extracted” the bulk of their food from soil (Van Helmont, …

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Mastering Biology 9 tRNAs

Where does translation take place? a) Endoplasmic reticulum b) Ribosome c) Golgi apparatus d) Nucleus b) Ribosome Which nucleic acid is translated to make a protein? a) DNA b) rRNA c) tRNA d) mRNA d) mRNA Which of the following processes is an example of a post-translational modification? a) Initiation b) Peptide bond formation c) …

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