PALS Precourse Self Assessment Answers

Sinus bradycardia   Sinus bradycardia – version 2   Normal sinus rhythm   Asystole   Wide complex tachycardia   SVT converting to sinus rhythm after adenosine administration   Wide complex tachycardia – version 2   Torsades de pointes   Supraventricular tachycardia   VF with successful defib and resumption of organized rhythm   Pulseless electrical activity …

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PALS Test Answers

PALS Pretest Answers Chest Compression depth: Infant 1.5 inch or 4 cm (1/3 AP Diameter)   Chest Compression depth: Child 2 inches or 5 cm (1/3 AP Diameter)   Maximum Compression depth: Infant 2.4 in or 6cm   Infant/children/adolescent compression rate 100-120 compressions a minute   Ratio for single rescuer 30 compressions 2 breaths   …

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