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What is appropriate interview attire?


What is appropriate interview attire?

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2 Answers

  1. Appropriate interview attire typically depends on the industry, company culture, and position you are applying for. Here are general guidelines for different types of environments:

    Corporate or Business Professional Environment

    • Men: A dark-colored suit (navy, black, or dark gray), a white or light-colored dress shirt, a conservative tie, dark dress shoes, and minimal accessories.
    • Women: A tailored suit (pantsuit or skirt suit) in a dark or neutral color, a blouse or a professional top, closed-toe shoes with a moderate heel, and minimal jewelry and makeup.

    Business Casual Environment

    • Men: Dress slacks or chinos, a collared shirt (button-down or polo), a blazer or sport coat if appropriate, dress shoes, and a belt that matches your shoes.
    • Women: Dress slacks or a skirt, a blouse or a professional top, a cardigan or blazer if needed, and closed-toe shoes or smart flats.

    Creative or Startup Environment

    • Men: Smart casual attire such as dark jeans or chinos, a collared shirt or neat polo, a blazer if appropriate, and clean, polished shoes.
    • Women: Smart casual attire such as a dress, skirt or slacks with a blouse, smart flats or low heels, and possibly a cardigan or blazer.

    Blue-Collar or Trade Jobs

    • Men and Women: Neat, clean, and well-fitting clothes such as khakis or slacks with a collared shirt, work-appropriate shoes (e.g., non-slip or safety shoes), and minimal accessories. For some positions, appropriate workwear such as a uniform or company-provided attire may be expected.

    General Tips for All Interviews

    • Grooming: Ensure hair is clean and neatly styled, nails are trimmed and clean, and facial hair (for men) is well-groomed.
    • Perfume/Cologne: Use minimally or avoid it altogether to prevent overpowering scents.
    • Accessories: Keep accessories simple and minimal to avoid distractions.
    • Fit: Ensure clothes fit well and are not too tight or too loose.

    When in doubt, it’s better to be slightly overdressed than underdressed. Research the company’s dress code beforehand if possible, and err on the side of professional and polished.

  2. Appropriate interview attire will depend somewhat on the company culture and role you are interviewing for, but here are some general guidelines:
    For Men:

    • Suit in a solid color like navy, gray or charcoal
    • Long-sleeved collared shirt (white or light colored)
    • Leather dress shoes and belt
    • Tie that is relatively conservative in pattern/color
    • Optional: Suit jacket or blazer to go over the shirt

    For Women:

    • Suit with a jacket and knee-length skirt or pants
    • Blouse in a solid color
    • Closed-toe dress shoes with a moderate heel
    • Optional: Blazer or cardigan

    No matter your gender, avoid anything too casual, overly stylish/trendy, or revealing. The goal is to look professional andput-together.
    Some additional tips:

    • Make sure clothing is wrinkle-free and fits properly
    • Stick to minimal, subtle jewelry and accessories
    • Have neat, tidy grooming like trimmed nails
    • Go light on cologne/perfume, if any
    • Bring a portfolio or simple bag to carry essentials

    When in doubt, it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed. You want to make a polished first impression. Pay attention to the company culture, but it’s safest to opt for conservative business professional or business casual attire for interviews.