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The Nature Versus Nurture Discussion In Animal Behavior Refers To The Effects Of What Two Things That Influence Behavior?

True or False?

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2 Answers

  1. The statement “The nature versus nurture discussion in animal behavior refers to the effects of what two things that influence behavior” is true.

    In the context of animal behavior, the “nature versus nurture” debate explores the extent to which an animal’s behavior is influenced by two factors:

    Nature: This refers to the genetic or inherited factors that shape an animal’s behavior. These are the instinctive behaviors that are passed down from parents to offspring through genes.
    Nurture: This refers to the environmental factors, experiences, and learning that influence an animal’s behavior. These factors include the animal’s upbringing, social interactions, and the stimuli it encounters in its environment.

    The nature versus nurture discussion aims to determine the relative importance of these two factors in shaping an animal’s behavior. It seeks to understand whether a particular behavior is primarily determined by the animal’s genes (nature) or by its experiences and environment (nurture), or by a combination of both.

    Therefore, the given statement is true, as the nature versus nurture discussion in animal behavior does indeed refer to the effects of inherited factors (nature) and environmental factors (nurture) on an animal’s behavior.