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Tell Us About Yourself Interview Question


Tell Us About Yourself Interview Question. What to answer?

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2 Answers

  1. Here’s an approach for answering the “Tell me about yourself” question for a college interview:
    “Thank you for the opportunity to share a bit about myself. I’ll give you a quick overview of my background and what has inspired my interest in attending [College Name].
    I’m currently a senior at [High School Name], where I’ve really enjoyed being actively involved in [2-3 key activities/roles]. One of the most rewarding experiences for me was [brief overview of meaningful activity/achievement] where I had the chance to [describe what you did and what skills it helped you develop].
    This experience solidified my interests in [academic area/potential major] and drove me to explore this field further through [projects, internships, etc. if applicable]. What excites me most about [academic area] is [brief overview of what intrigues you intellectually and passionately].
    Beyond academics, I’m also passionate about [2-3 other interests/hobbies/causes] which have taught me [2-3 key values/traits] that motivate my approach to life. For example, [give a specific example].
    What drew me to apply to [College Name] were [2-3 reasons – academic program, faculty, culture, etc]. I was particularly inspired after [briefly describe a meaningful interaction, if applicable]. I’m seeking a college experience where I can continue to [1-2 sentences on goals].
    [College Name]’s values around [2-3 values] also resonate with my own beliefs in [connect those values to your own]. I’m excited about being part of a community that [1-2 sentences on type of culture and opportunities].
    In essence, I’m driven, intellectually curious, and always striving to have a positive impact. I think my skills and passion could enrich the [College] community and I’m excited about the prospect of joining you.
    Does this help summarize my background and fit for [College]? I’m happy to expand on any area you’d like.”
    The key things to highlight:

    1. Brief overview of your academic journey and meaningful extracurriculars
    2. What academic area excites you intellectually
    3. Other passions/interests and how they’ve shaped your values
    4. Specific reasons you’re drawn to this college (academics, community, opportunities etc.)
    5. How you’ll contribute and enrich the campus community
    6. An invitation for them to ask any other questions

    Focus on conveying your authentic enthusiasm, intellectual curiosity, and key strengths/qualities that will allow you to thrive at their college. Practice your response out loud, but let your unique personality shine through!

  2. “Thank you for the opportunity to discuss my background. I’ll start with a brief overview and then provide some more details.
    I have around 5 years of experience working in the [industry/field] as a [role] at [Company X]. My core skills and strengths include [list 3-4 relevant skills/strengths]. I’ve had great success in [highlight 1-2 major achievements that are highly relevant to the role].
    A bit more about my journey – I grew interested in this field while [brief overview of what sparked your interest]. I then went on to obtain a [degree/certification] from [school] which provided me with a strong foundation in [core concepts].
    At [Company X], my main responsibilities included [2-3 key responsibilities]. One of my proudest accomplishments was [details about a major accomplishment] which allowed me to further develop skills in [skills used]. This experience taught me the value of [key lessons/values learned].
    Looking ahead, I am extremely motivated to continue growing in a [type of role] position that allows me to leverage my [2-3 main qualifications]. My passion really lies in [1-2 sentences about your passion/interests related to the role].
    What particularly excites me about this opportunity with [Company Name] is [1-2 sentences about what resonates with you regarding their company/role]. I feel my skills and background would allow me to make a meaningful contribution here.
    Does this help provide an overview of my background and qualifications? I’m happy to expand on any area you’d like to explore further.”
    The key things to include:

    1. A high-level overview of your experience and qualifications
    2. 2-3 specific achievements or accomplishments that demonstrate relevant skills
    3. A brief overview of your professional journey and what motivated your career path
    4. 2-3 key responsibilities or skills gained from prior roles
    5. What excites you about this role/company and how you could contribute
    6. An invitation for the interviewer to ask any other questions

    The overall structure helps tell your professional “story” in a coherent way while allowing you to elaborate on the most relevant details for the position. Be sure to practice your response out loud and tailor the content to the specific role you’re interviewing for.