Dogar IO Game

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Dogar is a version of with memes everywhere and they are obviously after you… Have fun.

How to Play – Walkthrough Video


Dogar is an amusing .io game. It is designed to be played on the one mouse.

Easy: If you don’t have mouse, touch screen or other hand-device you can also play it.

Hard: If you have mouse, touch screen or other hand-device you must also play on console(Xbox/Playstation).

This game has been played by 156,000 people and has received a rating of 8.2 out of 10 by 2,592 people. This highly addictive .io game is powered by HTML5 to run smoothly in most browsers.

It features the latest predictions of gamers about the games they will play next. Because each game is represented by a round number, the mode is designed to stimulate gamers to look at the entire board (faster and with greater fun).

All of the games for this list are released within the last year. I tried to play them all. Every game featured for this list was played. Each game included is played on standard or maximum difficulty settings. Each game included was played a certain number of times. You can’t argue the outcome of most of these games. Check out the following samples to see what I mean.

Game.pdf: One game a team, one person in each game gets a black bar as you travel between the placement zones.

Gameplay diagram: (This game was played at least three times for each of its developers.)

It’s a fun and smart little redo of the classic “honeypot” game. In this game, you must hunt for bees, of course!

Bees are in abundance in Chanty’s village. To attract them, simply drop a diamond in the middle of the village to attract a number of bee birds. You can also have a herd of bees destroy a vegetable plant if you play a good game.

Where to get Bees?

Bees are being produced by the villager in the Chanty Village. They are produced by going to the village front gate and inviting bees to come. Each bee you attract has a different color. A flower, item, or an item that produces items are all useful to attract the bees.

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