The Hiding Place AR Test Answers

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TenBoom, Corrie
AR Quiz No. 741 EN

The inspiring true story depicts how two sisters were sent to a Nazi concentration camp for aiding Jews and how their faith helped them endure and overcome the horrors they faced.

ATOS Book Level:6.4
Interest Level:Upper Grades (UG 9-12)
AR Points:13.0
Word Count:81387
Topic – Subtopic:Adventure-Survival; Award Winners-NCTE Notable Children’s Books in the Lan; Community Life-Helping Others; Countries/Regions-Germany; History-World War II Era; History-Holocaust; Life Experiences-Death & Dying; People-Nazis; People-Communists; People-Jewish People; Social Issues-Prejudice & Discrimination;

Quiz Answers

On the way to the watch shop what changed the mood?
People begin discussing these very issues, which include the threat of war with German.

After Corrie tried to lift heavy suitcase on the train her father…
telling her some things, like knowledge, are too heavy for children. He asks her to trust him to carry knowledge like this until she is older and stronger.

What great miracle happened during Nollie’s wedding?
Cornelia joins in miraculously to sing “Fairest Lord Jesus,” her favorite hymn, with the congregation.

The first night Germany bombed Harlem Corrie had a vision in which…
that she, Betsie, her father, Pickwick, Toos, Willem and Peter are being taken away in an old wagon.

Why was Corrie’s nephew, Peter arrested by the Germans?
Peter plays “Wilhelmus,” the national anthem in church.

How did Cocky stop the soldiers from finding Bob and Peter’s hiding spot?
Luckily Cocky hysterical laughter leads the soldier to believe she is making fun of him, and he does not check under the table where the boys are hiding?

Meyer Moussel was described on the telephone as…
a message that the caller had a man’s watch that was giving him trouble, and he couldn’t find anyone to repair it. It had an old-fashioned face as well.

What occurred after Nollie betrayed Annaliese?
One week later, Pickwick tells Corrie that forty Jews were rescued, and Annaliese was one of them. Meanwhile, Nollie is sent to federal prison in Amsterdam.

Mrs. Buekers came to the Ten Booms alley door during Hanukkah to…
that their singing can be heard through the streets

Before Gestapo agent broke into Corrie’s bedroom, she prayed that……
She prays for Mary to stop wheezing, when Gestapo members enter her room

At Holland’s Gestapo headquarters, Corrie’s father upset the chief by…
Father tells him that tomorrow he will open his door to any man in need.

During her solitary confinement in Schenevigen, Corrie….
where she is prey to her own thoughts and anxieties about her situation.

When Corrie peered into Betsie’s cell in Corridor F, she saw that…..
She saw that Betsie was dead.

After Betsie and Corrie received pink forms at Vaught, they…
At 9:00 AM, the sisters go to the administration barracks at 9 am, where Corrie receives her mother’s ring, her watch, and money back.

What did it mean when someone at Phillips shouted, “thick clouds?”
Warning that the Germans were coming so get back to work.

How did Corrie experience God power as she left Ravensbruck showers?
Corrie receives medical approval, normal clothes, a day’s bread ration, two food coupons, her watch, money, and Mama’s ring. Lastly, Corrie must sign a sheet saying that treatment at Ravensbruck had been good

After Mien gave Corrie yeast compound for Betsie what happened?
The bottle fails to produce more drops to the consternation of the women in the barracks.

One of Betsie’s postwar prophecies involved a
the first vision of Betsie’s home for those hurt to live again.

After her release, why was the first part of Corrie’s trip home difficult?
Corrie suffers from the feeling of unreality as well as hunger.

When Corrie met a former SS man at a church she…
She struggles to shake his hand but feels at peace when she forgives him.


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