Old Man And The Sea AR Test Answers

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Hemingway, Ernest
AR Quiz No. 5994 EN

This poignant tale portrays an elderly fisherman’s triumph in catching a colossal marlin, which is ultimately devoured by a pack of ravenous sharks.

ATOS Book Level:5.1
Interest Level:Upper Grades (UG 9-12)
AR Points:4.0
Word Count:26560

Quiz Answers

The boys parents ordered the boy to go in another boat
What happened after the first forty days Santiago went without a fish

Talking about the cast net
Every day, the boy and Santiago went through the fiction of what

The moon affected her as it did a woman
Why did Santiago always think of the sea as feminine

The boy was with him
As the fish began towing the boat along, Santiago wished that?

Strengthen his cramped hand
When Santiago ate the tuna, he hoped that it would.

A win against a man in a hand game that had lasted one day
What did Santiago think about to give himself more confidence

Salt & limes
Santiago said he would never again go in a boat without what?

The fish started to circle
Santiago knew the true work would begin when what?

The Sharks he called galanos took a quarter of the fish
Santiago apologized to the fish after what?

Saw Santiago’s hands
After Santiago returned, the boy started to cry when he what?


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