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Roux, Madeleine
AR Quiz No. 162491 EN

During a summer program for talented students, three teenagers stumble upon startling revelations about the former sanatorium that now serves as their dormitory. These secrets connect them to the asylum’s disturbing history, which involves profanity and explicit violence.

ATOS Book Level:5.1
Interest Level:Upper Grades (UG 9-12)
AR Points:9.0
Word Count:60307
Topic – Subtopic:Mysteries-Hauntings/Ghosts; Mysteries-Secrets; Mysteries-Supernatural; School-College/University; What Kids Are Reading, 2021-Grade 11: Top 20 Fiction/Nonfiction Books;

Quiz Answers

A website
How does Dan learn about the serial killer who was a patient at Brookline?

As dorm rooms
How is Brookline being used in the novel?

Literature and Psychology
What subject does Dan venture in NHCP

Who uses Dan’s phone to send messages to Jordan at the middle of the night?

A photo of a young girl
What item does Abby find in the warden’s office that she begins to obsess over?

Felix (Not Abby)
Who first tells Dan about the warden’s office in the lower floors of his dorm?

What subject does Jordan study at NHCP?

Who does Dan invite to move in with him at the end?

What is Abby studying at the NHCP?

Her aunt
Who does Abby believe was a patient at Brookline?

To see the photographs?
Why do the three originally break into the warden’s office at Brookline?

The former warden at Brookline.
Who does Dan share his name with?

A photo of a man with his eyes scratched out with a pencil
What odd item does Dan find as he is moving into his dorm room?

The citizens of Camford
Who wants Brookline torn down?

New Hampshire College
Who bought Brookline after it was closed down?

Who was first killed in the book?

Joe (Not Felix)
Who does Dan think is behind the notes?

Joe (The Hall Monitor)
Who finds the three in the warden’s office?

An unsolvable math problem
What did Dan become obsessed with after Joe’s murder?

Dennis Heimline
Who has recovered: Lucy Valdez or Dennis Heimline?

What was Felix doing while Dan woke up from a nightmare?

A pair of scissors that were in his pocket
What did Dan find in the forest?

They would think it would be Dan’s fault
Why didn’t Dan tell the police about what happened in the first?

Five weeks, Felix
How long was the program Dan was in? Who said they wish it would last longer?

Professor Reyes
Who does Dan think is also involved in the dangers of Brookline?

That he wouldn’t be able to see Jordan nor Abby again
What was Dan afraid of at the end of the book?

A dead body
What does Dan find in the dorm after talking to the pastor?

Working out
What does Felix do instead of working on studies in the program?

A music box that begins playing
When Dan ventures into the basement for the first time, he finds what in the cell room?

A lobotomy
What does Dan think caused a scar on Lucy Valdez’s forehead?

Her art
What does Dan compliment Abby on?

Felix then Jordan
Who discovers Joe’s dead body in the college?

Sal Weathers
What is the name of a former warden at Brookline?

Paul and Sandy
What is the name of Dan’s foster parents?

Photos that contain Dan but are scratched out
An unsolvable math problem
When Dan walks into Jordan’s room to apologize, what does he find?

There were maintenance problems from the year before
Why did the students have to stay in Brookline dorms instead of the intended dorms?


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