And Then There Were None AR Test Answers

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Christie, Agatha
AR Quiz No. 8852 EN

In the novel “And Then There Were None” by Agatha Christie, a group of ten strangers are brought to an isolated island by an enigmatic host. As they begin to share their darkest secrets, they are suddenly and systematically killed off one by one.

ATOS Book Level:5.7
Interest Level:Upper Grades (UG 9-12)
AR Points:8.0
Word Count:52656
Topic – Subtopic:Adventure-Crime; Life Experiences-Death & Dying; Mysteries-Missing Persons; Mysteries-Who-dun-it; Mysteries-Secrets; Natural Environments-Islands;

Quiz Answers

When they first arrived at the island, what made the guests feel better and not worry?The Butler ~ Something about his “Gravity”
Who was the Killer?Mr. Lawrence Wargrave
What was Emily Brent’s “Crime”?Talked to a girl ~ then she wanted to kill herself (She committed suicide)
How did Rogers die?Hit with an AXE in the back of the head (While cutting wood)
How many people were on the island to begin with?10
What did Vera discover in her room when she screamed and thought someone was grabbing her?Sea-weed
What Killed Lombard?Shot by Vera
What insect was associated with Emily Brent’s death?Bee
Who was the first person to die?Anthony Marston
What happened to the china pieces every time someone was killed?Smashed/Disappear
What job did U.N Owen hire Mr. Blore to do?Keep his eyes open
Where did they all put everyone who died?In their rooms
After they searched the island who did they think was the killer?Armstrong
What did Vera take from Lombard?Gun
Where did Wargrave hide the gun?Tin-food
What did the name U.N Owen sound like to the guests?Unknown
How were the guests invited to the island?By Letter
What was the name of Vera’s lost lover?Hugo
Why was the Mainland not responding to any of their calls for help?Morris Told them not to
Why did Vera Hang herself?Because of the guilt of letting Hugo’s son drown (and shooting Lombard)


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