Which One Of The Following Processes Of Memory Involves Remembering What You’ve Learned To Answer Questions On A Test?

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Which one of the following processes of memory involves remembering what you’ve learned to answer questions on a test?

  • Recognition
  • Storage
  • Encoding


Recognition. Recognition is the process of memory that involves remembering what you’ve learned to answer questions on a test. This type of memory is often used in educational settings, as it allows students to recall information they have learned in order to demonstrate their understanding of concepts.

When you recall information that you have previously learned after seeing it again, you have recognized it. It involves a comparison process. You rely on recognition when taking a multiple-choice examination to help you select the proper answer. Here is another illustration: say you graduated from high school ten years ago and returned to your hometown for your ten-year reunion. Although you may not be able to remember all of your classmates, you will likely recognize many of them based on their yearbook photos.

You are driving down the highway and see a billboard with a phone number on it. You tell yourself to remember it, but as you drive a little farther you find you’ve forgotten it. This describes the limitations of ________-____________ memory
A relatively permanent type of memory that stores huge amounts of information is ___________ memory.
When using memory retrieval information that an individual is searching for comes out of __________.
The type of memory that involves remembering information about doing something in the future is ________ memory.
The term amnesia refers to a loss of memory. This memory disorder can:
-be anterograde or retrograde
-can affect memories differentially
-can affect the retention of new memories
Which of the following statements apply to the concept of working memory?
-it is an alternate conceptualization of the concept of short-term memory
-it consists of three parts
-it is a mental blackboard
The process of retaining information for future use is called:
The process of retaining information over time is referred to as a _____________.
Memory is defined as
the retention of information or experience over time
The memory process involves encoding, storage and ________
The Atkinson-Shiffrin theory of memory proposed that there are ______ systems in memory
The process by which information get into memory storage is _________
Select all of the following that are considered tips for organizing for memory processes
-review notes that you are preparing to memorize
-experiment with different organizational techniques
-organize the material in a way that will allow you to memorize
In forensic psychology, most of the interest in ________ ___________ focuses on distortion, bias, and inaccuracy of memory
Eyewitness testimony
Which of the following concepts suggests that if two neurons are activated at the same time, the connection between them (and thus the memory) may be strengthened?
the concept of long-term potentiation
According to Paivio’s dual code hypothesis:
-memory for pictures than memory for words
-the image code produces better memory
Which two of the following are recognition tasks?
-a student takes a multiple choice test
-a witness has to identify a criminal from a page of photographs
At which of the following levels of processing are we most likely to recall information?
deepest level
Information must be encoded and ________ in order to be retrieved later.
Explicit memory has two subtypes. Autobiographical memory, a special form of _____________ memory parentheses which is one of explicit memory’s subtypes , is a persons recollections of his or her life experiences
Select all the following that are considered tips of rehearsing learn material.
-retype your notes
-talk to people about what you have learned
-Test yourself after looking at the notes
Which of the following processes are related to working memory?
-Problem solving
-information comprehension
-decision making
Special cases of memory retrieval have been researched and debated by cognitive psychologists. Select the following that describes a special case where special memory retrieval is utilized
-emotional memories
-dramatic character of memories
The two main components of long-term memory, __________ memory consists of our semantic and episodic then memories, and ____________ memory consist of our procedural memories, classical conditioning, and priming.
Which of the following are true in respond to memory in the aging process?
-staying intellectually active me reduced to severity Alzheimer’s
-staying physically active aids and memory
-staying mentally active aids in memory
Short term memory can retain about ________ pieces of complex information.
5 to 9
According to Baddeley’s model of working memory, the component that is in charge of integrating information, planning, and organizing is the ____________
central executive
Which of the following are components of Baddeley’s working memory theory?
-Phonological loop
-Visuospatial working memory
-central executive
Traumatic memories appear to be linked to the release of stress related hormones. Which of the following brain areas are involved in the release of stress related hormones?
-The amygdala
-The hippocampus
There are _____ levels of autobiographical memory.
Which of the following are important strategies for successful test taking, which means retrieving information?
– use retrieval cues to trigger your insights
-make sure your brain is well rested and well nourished
-look at the exam to find retrieval cues for the information that you have encoded.
Uncle Ken will be 88 this year yet he seems very sharp, is involved in volunteer work, it sends a book club weekly and plays bridge. He has been intellectually active his entire life both in his career as physician and after retirement. This is an illustration of the ____________.
Cognitive store
Which of the following is true of explicit memory?
-it is sometimes referred to as declarative memory
-it has two subtypes of memory: episodic and semantic
Taking a batch of muffins out of the oven in 20 minutes is an example of _________ – based prospective memory task, where as remembering to buy muffins at the bakery on the way home from work is an example of _________ -based prospective memory task
Which of the following strategies can be used to increase the number of pieces of information that can be held in short-term memory?
chunk the information
Sandy has a lot of general knowledge, not tied to a particular time or place, about international affairs. This is an example of a type of explicit memory known as __________.
Explicit memory is the ________- recollection of information such as facts and events.
Which of the following are levels of autobiographical memory?
-event-specific knowledge
-life time periods
-general events
Special cases of memory retrieval have been researched and debated by cognitive psychologists. Select the following that describes a special case where special memory retrieval is utilized.
-emotional memories
-traumatic character of memories
Explicit memory has two subtypes. Autobiographical memory, a special form of __________ memory (which is one of explicit memory’s subtypes), is a person’s recollections of his or her life experiences.
Lee Anne is telling her children stories about when she was young. Although the children keep asking Lee Anne for stories about when she was a “little girl,” Lee Anne can more easily remember events when she was a teenager and in her 20s. Lee Anne’s memories are consistent with the idea of the _____________ _________.
reminiscence bump
You have a very vivid memory of the events of September 11, 2001. The memory may be traumatic, or very iconic. However, it may not be very accurate in the details. The specific term for this kind of memory is a _________ memory.
Which of the following are true in regard to memories of traumatic events?
-they may be more accurate than memories of nontraumatic events
-stress related hormones play a role in memories that involve personal trauma
-they may be subject to deterioration and distortion
While in therapy, Lara remembers that she was sexually abused while she was a very young child, even though she seems to have not remembered the abuse for most of her life. Lara may have uncovered a _________ memory.
Which of the following circumstances illustrate motivated forgetting?
-a person forgets something that is anxiety-laden and painful
-someone forgets an event that is consequence of an emotional trauma
Craig has returned from the war in Iraq, badly physically injured. When questioned by family and friends, he says he doesn’t remember his war experiences because they are too painful. This is an example of:
motivated forgetting
Why do some researchers believe that “recovered memories” should instead be called “discovered memories?”
because at least some recovered memories could be false memories
In 1890, American philosopher and psychologist William James said that an experience can be so emotionally arousing that it leaving a scar on brain tissue. He was referring to __________ events.
The _______ _________ effect refers to the tendency to recall the items at the beginning and end of a list better than the items in the middle.
Serial position
When considering the effects of serial position, the _________ effects refers to better recall for items at the beginning
There are two aspects of the serial position effect. Better recall for items at the beginning is referred to as the _________ effect and better recall for items at the end is referred to as _____________
True or False: According to Baddeley’s conceptualization of working memory, there are three components: the phonological loop, visuospatial working memory, and the central executive.
Due to the neurosurgery that treated his severe form of epilepsy, H.M’s _________ memory was impaired, but his ___________ memory was less affected.
True or False: When Suzanne mentally “sings” the lyrics to her new favorite song silently in her head, she is using the phonological loop of working memory.
Which of the following is a task that would be handled by the visuo-spatial sketchpad?
Imagining how your living room would look with the furniture in different places.
Which of the following are functions of autobiographical memory?
-it allows us to learn from our experiences
-it provides us with identity
-sharing personal experience creates social bonds
Which of the following are tips to help you encode information successfully?
-pay attention to the information
-make associations that connect the information to own life
-use imagery. Make mental pictures of the of the information
Gladys has a lot on her mind. She has to remember the name of garage where she gets her car’s oil changed, which is an exampel of ____________ memory. She also has to remember that she needs get the car’s oil changed next Tuesday, which is an example of __________ memory.
_________________ memory involves remembering information from the past, whereas __________ memory involves remembering to do something in the future.
______ amnesia occurs when you cannot remember what happened AFTER you fell down and hit your head.
__________ amnesia is characterized by memory loss for a segment of the individual’s past.
Eli knows the name of the capitol of his state, but he forgets it when his teacher asks. This is known as:
the tip-of-the-tongue phenomenon
The frontal lobes of the brain play an important role in:
-retrospective memory
-prospective memory
-explicit memory
Which lobes of the brain are especially implicated in explicit memory, such as prospective and retrospective memories?
the frontal lobes
Which of the following statements are true regarding short-term memory?
-it is a limited-capacity memory system
-it can store information longer than sensory memory

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