Which Of The Following Things Are Generally True About Alcohol Advertisements:

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Which of the following things are generally true about alcohol advertisements:

A. they have no effect on how much alcohol is consumed
B. they target our expectations and perceptions about drinking
C. they accurately depict the negative effects from drinking too much
D. none of above

Answer: B. they target our expectations and perceptions about drinking.


Because A is not correct as advertisements always influence us and C is not correct as advertisements tend to not focus on the negative effects, while the expectations and perceptions are influenced by those advertisements.

Alcohol marketers appeal to one’s desires and expectations, depicting how pleasant it would be after drinking that single glass or bottle, the peace and calm you would feel like when you are under the shade.

It’s all glitz and glamour with no negative side effects, as you enjoy a drink with friends brought together by this very test drink while sharing your barbecue meat and all the wonderful things you can think of that make you feel cheerful and driven to go buy it and feel all these lovely emotions, according to the ad.

Alcohol advertisements used to be more frequent, but in order to reduce the number of such commercials and attempt to keep youngsters and teenagers from seeing them, several nations have imposed limitations.

Individuals in government are well aware of the risks of alcohol abuse and its tremendous societal cost. This has encouraged and inspired most nations to try to regulate marketing.

Alcohol marketing has long been a contentious topic, with many believing it targets particularly young people. According to studies, the amount of time youngsters spend exposed to alcohol commercials is linked to their drinking habits.

Manufacturers of alcoholic beverages, such as beer, wine, whiskey, and absinthe, may use social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to advertise their products by utilizing digital ads. Excessive consumption of these drinks is common.

Alcohol, like many other drugs, damages the adolescent brain. It has a detrimental influence on the hippocampal region, which is essential for learning and memory development. Furthermore, individuals who begin drinking in their teens are also more likely to become alcoholics as adults.

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