Which Of The Following Scenarios Should Be Analyzed As Paired Data

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Which of the following scenarios should be analyzed as paired data?

a) Spouses are asked about the number of hours of sleep they get each night. We want to see if husbands get more sleep than wives.

b) 50 insomnia patients are given a placebo and 50 are given a mild sedative. Which subjects sleep more hours?

c) A group of college freshmen and a group of sophomores are asked about the quality of the university cafeteria. Do students’ opinions change during their time at school?


a) Paired data

b) Not paired data

c) Not paired data


We should analyze as paired data if the subjects in one sample are related to subjects in another sample. If they are unrelated, then we should not use paired data.

(a) Paired data, because every husband in one sample is related to his wife in the other sample.

(b) Not paired data, because the insomnia patients who were given the placebo and insomnia patients who were given the mild sedative are not (necessarily) related.

(c) Not paired data, because the freshmen and the sophomores are not (necessarily) related.

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