When “Bill O’Reilly” asked “Dr. Susan van Etten” if she had ever been to Alaska, he engaged in a(n)

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When “Bill O’Reilly” asked “Dr. Susan van Etten” if she had ever been to Alaska, he engaged in a(n)

Answer: When “Bill O’Reilly” asked “Dr. Susan van Etten” if she had ever been to Alaska, he engaged in a red herring.

Which of the following best typifies the meaning of the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis?
Your language shapes your perception
Which of the following is a good example of a complementary relationship?
She is shy, and hé likes to speak for both of them
When a speaker says “Omina show ya allah the things yer gonna be needin’ to buy,” the speaker is using
poor articulation
Who is more likely to use touch as a means of communicating?
black woman from Puerto Rico
Which of the following is the best example of concreteness?
My hometown is Isle, Minnesota, population 409
Those cultures that rely heavily subtle nonverbal cues to convey meaning utilize which of the following orientations?
High Context
The repetition of consonants, usually the first or last letter of a word, is known as
Which statement below is NOT an example of ethnocentrism?
American workers get higher pay for less work than most people in the world
All of the following are examples of implicit-rule cultures except
Western Europe
Which of the following examples best depicts the denotative meaning of a word?
Abortion is the termination of a pregnancy in the first trimester.
If someone in a marginalized group tries to fit in with the dominant group, he or she is striving for this goal of co-cultural communication. Assimilation
Which of the following is FALSE regarding our need for intercultural communication.
Increases in technology are reducing the need for skills to communications interculturally with others
When “Bill O’Reilly” asked “Dr. Susan van Etten” if she had ever been to Alaska, he engaged in a(n)
red herring
” Of those polled , 55 % indicated that they certainly would buy a gun ; another 20 % said they would strongly consider it. Clearly, gun ownership is right that needs to be protected.” This is an example of what type of fallacy?
ad populum
An extrovert being friends with an introvert demonstrates what type of relationship?
Who once said, in a celebration of English royalty, “Give three cheers for our queer old dean?”
The Rev. William Spooner
“Mr. Young, I studied my notes and the chapters for 18 hours before taking this exam and all I got was a C. I deserve a higher grade.” This argument fails the standard of
“Of course we cannot take seriously Senator Smith’s objections to affirmative action; his womanizing is well-known.” This is an example of what type of fallacy?
ad hominem
Which is the best example of an advertising slogan designed to appeal to the self-actualization need?
“Be all that you can be.”
“I say the Democratic Party leadership conspired to keep details of the Foley scandal quiet until right before the November election. Can you prove that they didn’t?” This is an example of what type of fallacy?
begging the question
“It is a mistake to allow assisted suicide. That will just open the door to forced extermination of anyone society feels is too old or too sick” This is an example of what type of fallacy?
hasty generalization
Commonly known as the “bandwagon” appeal, the argument that a policy is right merely by virtue of favorable public opinion support is known as what kind of argumentative fallacy
O ad populum
When other members of a group admire and respect a person, that person has
Referent power
The Amish in the United States use the in order to protect their way of life.
separation goal
A good example of “corridor culture” would be
the towns and industries that have sprung up along I – 4
Which situation invites an emergent leader?
The company has just announced impending personnel reductions, and a small group of recently hired employees have gathered to discuss strategy
The army is what type of organization?
Which of the following is an implicit characteristic of group members?
Personal artifacts
Which of the following statements about emotional labor is NOT true?
Emotional labor can decrease job satisfaction
Messages between organizational members of the same power level are best described as:
All of the following are needs fulfilled by primary groups EXCEPT
A non-profht hospital is what type of organization?
Economic production
The ways in which groups of people both maintain structure and order through their symbolic interactions refers to Organizational communication
Organizational communication
Which of the groups below may be classified as a secondary group?
SGA Committee on Improving Campus Parking
During an interview for a waitress job, Mr. Mitchell (the interviewer) asks Kelly (the interviewee) if she is or has any children. This is a violation of
Bona fide occupational qualifications
Don Draper holds over Conrad Hilton.
expert power
Group problem solving is usually more effective
when the process is systemic and organized

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