What Was The South Atlantic System And How Did It Shape The Colonial Society?

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What was the South Atlantic System and how did it shape the colonial society?


The South Atlantic system included the Spanish colonies in South and Central America, the Portuguese colony of Brazil, the sugar-producing islands of the Caribbean, West Africa, and the southern colonies in North America. Its most prominent products were silver, sugar, tobacco, African slaves, and, after 1800, cotton.

In the South Atlantic world system, slavery was crucial as a source of labor. Millions of Native American people had died because they lacked immunity to diseases introduced to the area. Death rates reached as high as 80 to 90 percent of the native population during the first century of contact with Europeans.

Also, relatively few Europeans migrated to the New World until the late 18th century, providing few workers for new industries. I do not know how it shaped colonial society but I hope this helps.

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