What Powder Is The Only Kind That Should Be Used In A Muzzleloader?

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What Powder Is The Only Kind That Should Be Used In A Muzzleloader?


Black powder is the only kind of powder that should be used in a muzzleloader. Synthetic alternatives, such as Pyrodex®, can also be utilized.


What powder is the only kind that should be used in a muzzleloader?
black powder or a synthetic substitute
Which of the following describes safe handling of a muzzleloader?
Prime a muzzleloader well before firing.
You are shooting a muzzleloader. A hang fire happens. What should you do?
Keep the gun pointed downrange.
Which type of bow has straight limbs that form an arc when strung?
Choose the true statement about bows.
The bow is a short-range hunting tool.
Which type of bow has a rifle-like stock that shoots bolts or short arrows?
It is safe to shoot an arrow when the target is:
in front of a safe backstop
Which statement about arrows is true?
An arrow is as deadly as a bullet.
Most bowstrings have a small brass band to mark the correct position for nocking the arrow. What is the name for this band?
nocking point
Which statement about broadheads is true?
Dress game with great caution until you find all parts of the broadhead.
What should be used to screw on broadheads?
specially designed wrench
One way of shooting a bow is the instinctive aiming method. What is true about this method?
This method takes longer to perfect than the bowsight method.
The best anchor point for drawing a bow:
is below the right shoulder for a right-handed hunter
What is the only arrowhead that may be used for big game hunting?

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