Unauthorized Disclosure of Classified Information for DoD

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Which of the following are examples of sanctions that may be applied to employees found responsible for unauthorized disclosure?
Suspension w/o pay
Loss of contracts
You are a cleared contractor employee and you are contacted via telephone by a reporter asking info about a classified project. What should you do?
Refer the reporter to your Facility Security Officer (FSO)
The term NDCI was coined to connote the seriousness of classified data spills. What does it stand for?
Negligent Discharge of Classified Information
Classified information that is deliberately disclosed to the media is considered _______.
a Leak
Select ALL the correct responses. Which of the following will require a prepublication review?
Sending an article
Sending a book
Presenting a speech
Your coworker would like to discuss a Secret project. She has a “need to know,” a Top Secret Clearance, and a signed SF-312. Can you show her the specifications?
Yes, your coworker is an authorized recipient
Serious security incidents that involve unauthorized disclosure in the public media must always be reported to ________.
Within the DoD, material proposed for public release undergoes prepublication review by the ___________.
Which of the following is a common misconception regarding unauthorized disclosure?
The Whistle Blower Protection Act (PPD-19)
Your Supervisor should always have access to the material you are working on, even is he/she does not have a “need-to-know?”
Select ALL the correct responses. Derivative classifiers must ensure _________.
Initial Classification determinations
Once you have been granted access, how long does your responsibility to protect classified information extend?
Throughout your life
Select ALL the correct responses. Which of the following are examples of damage that may be caused by unauthorized disclosure?
Potential loss of life
Damage to national security
Undermining of ongoing and planned ops
Damage to intel community sources and methods.
Select ALL the correct responses. Authorized recipients of controlled unclassified information (CUI) must _________.
Select ALL the correct responses. You are cleared employee and you discover an information leak. Which of the following actions must you take?
Immediately protect from further disclosure
Report an unauthorized disclosure
Select ALL the correct responses. Which of the following are important elements of safeguarding classified information and CUI?
Transmission and Transportation
Info System (IS) use
Reproduction and Destruction
______ must initially determine what level of damage would occur to information is unauthorized disclosure of that information occurred.
the Original Classification Authority (OCA)
Facility Security Officers (FSOs) report incidents … to ______?
Their Industrial Security Rep (IS Rep)
Select ALL the correct responses. Who may be consulted to conduct a damage assessment to determine effect of a compromise an national security?
the Original Classification Authority (OCA)
Subject matter experts (SMEs)
Security Officers
Where should DoD Employees look for guidance on safeguarding controlled unclassified information (CUI)?
DoDM 5200.01 V4
Linda’s classified email was intercepted by a Russian Foreign Intelligence Entity, although this was not her intention. Did Linda commit espionage?
b. No, because Linda did not intend for the Russian Foreign Intelligence Entity to see her email
Leaks are ___________ disclosures of information to the media.
. deliberate
Cleared employees may be sent to prison for unauthorized disclosure of classified information.
DoD security managers use the ________________________ to report incidents of unauthorized disclosure of classified information and to track their investigations and associated actions.
c. Industrial Security Facilities Database (ISFD)
You are a cleared employee. You discovered fraud and waste of money related to a classified program within your agency. If you report this fraud and waste through appropriate channels, you may receive protection under the Presidential Policy Directive 19 (PPD-19), Protecting Whistleblowers with Access to Classified Information.
Who is responsible for specifying downgrading and declassification dates, events, and exemptions?
. Original Classification Authority
The unauthorized disclosure of this type of information is reasonably expected to cause damage to national security.
Who determines which Component has investigative primacy when responsibility for an inquiry into an unauthorized public media disclosure is unclear?
a. Defense Security Service (DSS) (WRONG)
Unauthorized disclosure of information can ____________.
A. Undermine ongoing and planned U.S. operations
B. Damage intelligence methods and sources
C. Impact our international alliances and foreign policy
D. Benefit adversaries wishing harm to the U.S.possible answers:
D only
A B and D only
All of the above
It is NOT: A B and D only
If you view classified information through the Internet on your work computer, either intentionally or inadvertently, what should you do first?
c. Disconnect your computer from the network
Colonel Rogers has to appear at a Senate hearing regarding a military program under his leadership. Does Colonel Rogers have to submit his Congressional briefing for a prepublication review before the hearing?
a. Only if he will discuss classified information during the hearing (WRONG)
As a cleared employee you pledged to ________________________ when you signed the Classified Information Nondisclosure Agreement.
b. Be an Original Classification Authority of classified information (wrong)
Jill left a classified document on a photocopier and Jack found it when he went to make a copy. Jack has the appropriate personnel security clearance eligibility, but he does not have a need-to-know for the information that was left on the copier. This is an example of unauthorized disclosure of classified information due to improper safeguarding procedures.
Which of the following statements is true about making copies of classified documents?
b. You can make copies of classified documents on any copier provided you alert others in the immediate area before and after making your copies. (WRONG)
If a classified data spill occurs, you must first destroy the hard drive to prevent any further unauthorized dissemination.
Your friend called and told you that he saw information about the classified XYZ program on the Internet. As a cleared employee who does not work on the XYZ program, is it okay for you to view that information on the Internet since it’s already in the public domain?
a. Yes, because you are a cleared employee, you may view the information. (WRONG)
If you are a DoD employee, to whom should you report actual or suspected unauthorized disclosure of classified information?
b. Defense Security Service (DSS) (WRONG)
Where should DoD employees look for guidance on safeguarding classified information?
b. E.O. 13526 and DoDM 5200.01
When classified information or Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) is transferred or transmitted to a system that lacks the appropriate security level or required access controls, this is a _________.
b. infraction (WRONG)
Who is the official channel for industry for engaging the news media?
a. Derivative Classifier

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