There Is A Common Misconception That Traditional Taxonomy Is Based On Morphology

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There is a common misconception that traditional taxonomy is based on morphology, while cladistics is based on genetic data. How is this misconception incorrect?


Taxonomy is a branch of science that specializes in classification, especially in the classification of organisms.

Cladistics is an approach to the classification of organisms in biology. The method uses evolutionary trees to hypothesize about relationships.

However, taxonomy and cladistics are not necessarily opposites, because one primarily deals with determining relationships among organisms, while the other primarily try to organize these relationships in chronological order.

Many species have similar measurable characteristics and physical structures if we only look at animals by appearance.

Many animals have similar describable features and physical structures if we solely organize creatures based on their morphology.

The study of genes through molecular genetics is also known as genetic analysis. This area is a subdiscipline of biology and heredity, which is concerned with the anatomy and physiology of genes. This area aids in our comprehension by providing answers to questions about chemicals, substances, and elements found in our genes as well as what lies within our DNA nucleic acids -RNA and DNA -chromosome framework. And also how genes originated and arose. These are codes that function like signals on a macro level.

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