The Need for a Constitution Answers

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A sovereign group is one that is independent.

Why did colonists feel the Articles of Confederation were necessary even though the Declaration of Independence was already written?
The Declaration of Independence outlined a relationship between individuals and the government but did not detail the power and control of that government.
Which responsibilities were assigned to the federal government under the Articles of Confederation?
drawing up treaties
How many of the thirteen states needed to approve a law before it could be passed?
Which was a main reason for creating the Articles of Confederation?
to have a unified nation for times of war
The fact that there was no national military was a weakness in which area of government?
What was the result of administrative weaknesses under the Articles of Confederation?
The government couldn’t maintain order.
Which scenario increased the time needed to draft the Articles of Confederation?
NOT There was fear of another war with Britain in the immediate future, and delegates were unsure of how to outline states’ wartime duties.
If a power was not specified under the Articles of Confederation, who would be responsible for it?
the states
Under the Articles of Confederation, if Virginia had ten thousand citizens and Delaware had five thousand citizens, how many representatives would each state have in the legislature?
Virginia would have two, and Delaware would have two.
A sovereign group is one that is

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