The Fundamental Attribution Error Is Most Likely To Lead Observers To Conclude That Unemployed People

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Question: The fundamental attribution error is most likely to lead observers to conclude that unemployed people:

A. are victims of discrimination.

B. are irresponsible and unmotivated.

C. have parents who provided poor models of social responsibility.

D. attended schools that provided an inferior education.


The fundamental attribution error is most likely to lead observers to conclude that unemployed people are irresponsible and unmotivated.

This cognitive bias occurs when individuals overemphasize personal traits or dispositions as the cause of someone’s behavior while underestimating the influence of situational factors.

In the case of unemployment, observers might be more inclined to blame the unemployed person’s character or work ethic, rather than considering external factors such as job market conditions, economic downturns, or other circumstances beyond the individual’s control.

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