Since v = λ f, the speed v of a wave depends on its frequency f. True/False

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Since v = λ f, the speed v of a wave depends on its frequency f. True/False.

Answer: True.


The wavelength of a propagating wave has a frequency and wavelength. A propagating wave has a wavelength and a frequency. The length of a complete wave is known as the wavelength. The frequency of a wave is the rate at which one wavelength passes through a given point. The speed of a propagating wave can be calculated by multiplying the wavelength by the frequency.

Here, λ is the wavelength, which is the distance across the wave repeats, and (f) is the frequency, where the number of waves are passed at a given point.

Since, the speed of a wave depends on the properties of the medium, where the wave is moving and also it is independent of wave properties.

Also, an alteration in wavelength can affect the frequency in an inverse manner. Hence, if the frequency is either increased or decreased, then the speed also either increases or decreases respectively.

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