Since the rise of his designs, Frank Lloyd Wright _______ an icon of modern architecture.

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Since the rise of his designs, Frank Lloyd Wright _______ an icon of modern architecture.

  • has become
  • became
  • becomes
  • had become
  • would become

Answer: Became


The Rise of Frank Lloyd Wright’s designs refer to something that happened in the past and thus we will need to use some statement in the past tense.

The only options in the past tense are “became” and “had become”.

However, “became” is a better fit as “had become”  refers to something that happened after the fact instead of at that time.

Frank Lloyd Wright was one of the most famous and important professionals on the planet. He was the idealizer for more than a thousand projects, and 532 of them were finished.

He had left a great and revolutionary legacy, as well as an important idea called Organic architecture. This introduces a new connection between construction and the environment that has not previously existed.

He is also the icon of modern architecture, and he was undoubtedly a genius in his field. For decades and years to come, his work will have an effect on architecture all over the world.

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