Rotate : Energy :: Stop:

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Rotate is to energy as stop is:

A) Spin

B) Break

C) Inertia

D) None

Answer: Inertia.


“Rotate” refers to revolving or moving, while “Energy” refers to strength or the power derived from using some machine.

If we would then consider “stop” instead of rotate, then we now consider something that does not move and thus does not rotate.

The word corresponding to “stop” then needs to be some word that implies that something has no energy. Possible such words are inertia, inactivity, inaction, etc.

To rotate is to have the will to stop is to lack inertia. We understand that inertia is a quality by virtue of which a body remains in rest or continues to move, as evidenced by the term’s definition.

When you have enough energy, your body will automatically start to move. A displacement occurs, and the body is rotating, whereas when the body has come to a stop, the inertia of rest has formed.

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