Michael Wants To Test The Effect Of Stomach Acid Concentration On The Solubility Of A Particular Oral Medication. Which Experimental Design Setup Would Best Help Him Answer His Question?

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Michael wants to test the effect that different concentrations of stomach acid will have on the dissolution of a particular kind of oral medication. As he sets up and completes his experiment, which of the following experimental designs would be most likely to help him answer his question?

  • Allow several pills to soak in different amounts of acid of a single concentration and then measure the amount of dissolution on each.
  • Prepare solutions of different acid concentrations, measure 50 mililiters of each into different beakers, and place the same type of pill of the same mass into the beakers.
  • After allowing a pill to be exposed to one acid concentration, place it in different acid concentrations, and then measure the surface area that is dissolved.
  • Prepare solutions of different acid concentrations, measure 50 milliliters of each into different beakers, and place different types of pills of the same mass into the beakers.
Using the same type of pill for each test, expose several pills to different concentrations of stomach acid and then measure the remaining surface area of each pill.
Michael wants to test the effect of stomach acid concentration on the solubility of a particular oral medication. Which experimental design setup would best help him answer his question?
Amino acids
Which building blocks are correctly matched to the macromolecule they form?
Carbon is able to bond to many other atoms to form large and complex molecules.
Which of the following statements illustrates why carbon atoms are so important in living organisms?
Which of the following groups of macromolecules are composed of three fatty acids chains bonded to a glycerol?
Nucleic acids
Which group of macromolecules is responsible for transferring genetic information to new cells?
The enzyme dentures and can no longer function properly
At very high temperature, most enzymes do not increase the rate of the reactions they regulate. Which is the most likely reason for this lack of enzyme activity is very high temperatures?
Enzyme structures are specific to the type of substrate they bond to.
Which statement correctly describes a property of enzymes?
Which property of water allows it to dissolve a wide variety of substances throughout the human body?
Water expands during the freezing process, creating more volume and decreasing the density of the ice.
Many solids will sink if they are placed in a liquid, when ice is placed in water the ice floats to the surface. Which property of water explains why this happens?
Cohesion and adhesion
Redwood trees are among the tallest trees in the world, reaching more than 110 meters in height. Which property of water allows it to travel such large distances from the roots of the redwood tree to the leaves?
Regulating the synthesis of proteins
DNA is a nucleic acid that consists of thousands of smaller, repeating units called nucleotides. What function do nucleic acids serve besides storing genetic information?
Lipids and carbohydrates
Which two groups of macromolecules are used as a primary source of energy for cellular functions?
If a culture of liver cells were deprived of amino acids, which category of macromolecules would the liver cells NOT be able to construct properly?
To lower the amount of energy needed for certain reactions to occur.
There are many enzymes found in the human body. What is the function of these enzymes?
Molecules of water in the solid phrase are less dense than those in the liquid phrase.
Why does a layer of ice form on the surface of a pond during freezing weather?
Water’s high heat capacity allows it to absorb a large amount of heat before increasing in temperature, allowing humans to maintain a steady body temperature.
Why is it essential to life that water has a high heat capacity?

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