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“My child is yet a stranger in the world.”
Shows how protective he is of Juliet, compared to Lady Capulet, he seems to care. Conversation between Lord Capulet an Paris when Paris asks to marry Juliet. (A1, S2)
“my will to her consent.”
doesn’t seem to be the stereotypical father of that time. allows Juliet to give her consent, her consent matters, not just his, conversation between Lord Capulet and Paris when Paris asks for Capulet’s permission to marry Juliet. (A1, S2)
“Am i the master here or you?”
He does not like it when his authority is questioned. At the Capulet party, Tybalt doubts Capulet’s judgement about Romeo attending. (A1, S2)
“I think she will be ruled in all respects by me.”
starts to show aspects for the patriarchy. Capulet is going to force Juliet to marry Paris. (A3, S4)
“Starve, die in the streets.”
he changes all aspect of personality and turns violent as a result of Juliet’s disobedience when she refuses to marry Paris (A3, S5)
“does she not count her blest?” “unworthy as she is.”
he thinks that he is doing Juliet a favor finding her a husband and is enraged when Juliet does not give her thanks. (A3, S5)
“my child is dead! and with my child, my joys are buried.”
Just like Lady Capulet, he only regrets his actions when Juliet is dead. Highlights the imperfections of the parent and child relationships of that time. At this point Juliet is only pretending to be dead. (A4, S5)
‘my will to her consent is but a part’.
‘disobedient wretch’.
‘He shall be endured… I say he shall!’
‘Am I the master here or you?’
‘… get thee to a’ church on Thursday or never after look me in the face’.

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