List The Steps You Should Take To Properly Prepare For A Background Check

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List the steps you should take to properly prepare for a background check:

  • All of the above


All of the above is the correct answer.

Before you start your job search, it’s important to know what potential employers might find when they run a background check on you. A background check confirms the accuracy of the information you’ve provided to your potential employer, which allows them to decide if you are qualified for the position. Here are the steps you should take to properly prepare for a background check:

First, order a copy of your own credit report. This will help you identify any errors that could show up on an employer’s report.

Next, do a Google search of your name and see what comes up. If there is anything negative, try to get it removed or at least push it down in the search results by creating new content that is more positive.

Drug Testing: Statistically, nearly 60% of employers drug test job candidates at some point during the hiring process. This usually occurs after interviews have been conducted and an offer is ready to be extended. However, it’s important to note that procedures surrounding drug testing vary by state. In general, though, there must be a consistent process for all candidates being considered for the same role.

It is important for job seekers to be aware of how long various substances can be detected in drug tests and to get help for any addiction issues they may have. The decriminalization of marijuana in several states has led some employers to stop testing for marijuana use, but it remains illegal in many states and under federal law.

Keep a digital or physical copy of your resume on-hand.

You will likely need to provide information such as your current and past addresses and in some cases, your driver’s license number.

Depending on the state in which you reside, some employers are not allowed to query about arrests or convictions that occurred more than a decade ago. In other states, only certain types of jobs (such as positions in finance or those involving work with children) can take your criminal history into account. Consequently, a past criminal record could impact your current job search negatively, so it is advisable to know the law concerning this matter where you live.

Know Your Rights: if your potential employer requests a background check from a third-party source, the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) protects you. According to the FCRA, a background check is classified as a consumer report. Before an employer can receive one of these reports for employment decisions, they must first notify you in writing and gain your written consent.

A _____ is useful when performing large applicant screenings, because employers can use scores to quickly identify the best applicants to interview.
Computerized pre-employment test
It is always the interviewee’s fault if an interview is bad.
A _____ is an employment test that evaluates your specific job-related abilities, such as typing speed. It is recommended that you sharpen or improve these abilities before an interview.
Skills test
Which of the following people would be considered a gatekeeper?
All of the above
Which of the following is a characteristic of an unstructured interview?
Common in small businesses
A type of employment test that is used to determine if personal and behavior preferences match the position.
A(n) _____ is a consumer report that employers use to screen potential employees and check their credit, history, and legal status.
Background check
How can you prepare for a background check?
All of the above
An employer can refuse to hire you if you refuse a drug screening test or background check.
Indirect interview requests include of all of the following techniques EXCEPT:
Requesting an interview during a telephone call to the employer
Which type of interview request, direct or indirect, would lead to more interviews? Why? Which type would you prefer?
Typically direct interview requests lead to more interviews. It can be intimidating to take a direct approach though, so some students may prefer an indirect approach.
List the steps you should take to properly prepare for a background check.
-Be truthful on employment forms
-Prepare your references
-Acquire copies of personnel files from former employers
-Obtain a copy of your credit report
If you are interested in a specific employer, but there are no job openings with the company, what steps should you take while you wait for the company’s hiring status to change?
1. Take another job while you are waiting. You never know how long it is going to be before the company has position available. 2. Follow up – Thank the employer for any time spend on helping you in the process to end on a positive note. 3. Check back periodically – Contact with the company to check their status and keep your name visible.
Why shouldn’t you cram for a skills test?`
Cramming for a skills test can lower your performance and increase your test anxiety.
What are three differences between a structured interview and an unstructured interview?
During a structured interview, the interview is usually conducted be professional interviewers. During an unstructured interview, the interview is typically conducted by the business owners or managers. Structured interviews focus on factual information with a planned set of questions, while unstructured interviews are more informal and conversational. Structured interviews provide limited information about the interviewee’s personality or attitude, while unstructured interviews are much more successful in learning about personality and attitude.
Before taking an employment test you should _____.
All of the above
You are in the middle of an interview, and you feel like things are going horribly. The interviewer is asking questions that you are struggling with, and after learning more about the position, you are no longer interested. How do you get through the rest of the interview?
Go through the rest of the interview and stay friendly and engaged, and let them know afterwards that the position isn’t what you expected. You don’t want to be rude because the same employers could possibly have a job opening late that is better suited for you.
Prescription or over-the-counter drugs can lead to a false-positive drug test result.
One of the advantages of phone interviews is that there is no recommended dress code, you can wear your pajamas if you want.
Direct interview requests include of all of the following techniques EXCEPT:
Requesting an interview through an employment agency.
If a company is in New York City, and a qualified applicant lives across the country in California, what would be the most cost effective interview format to use?
Distance interview.

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