It Has Been Conjectured By The U.S. Census Bureau That Approximately 60% Of Foreign-born People Who Live In The U.S. Are Not Naturalized Citizens

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It has been conjectured by the U.S. Census Bureau that “approximately 60% of foreign-born people who live in the U.S. are not naturalized citizens.” In a national random sample of 70 foreign-born people who live in the U.S., on average, how many people would you expect to get that are not naturalized citizens? Select the best answer below.

A. 28 people

B. 42 people

C. 4.10 people

D. None of these.


Correct Answer: B) 42 people.

60% of 70 foreign-born people who live in the US are not naturalized citizens, so 42 out of 70 would not be naturalized citizens. 0.60 * 70 = 42. Therefore, answer b is correct. Review basic proportions and percentage change concepts if you got this question wrong. Proportion questions often involve finding an expected value given a certain percent; make sure you understand how to set up and solve these types of problems.

Additionally, remember that when solving proportion questions, it is often helpful to use a common denominator so that you can directly compare the two ratios or proportions. In this case, using decimals (or percents converted to decimals) as the common denominator would have made it easier to see that 0.60 and 0.70 are equivalent proportions, and thus the expected value would be 42 in this case.

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