How Did John Winthrop Change The Government Of Massachusetts?

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How did John Winthrop change the government of Massachusetts?

A. He allowed non-Puritans to vote.

B. He created a colonial legislature.

C. He established the Mayflower Compact.

D. He allowed women to vote


B. He created a colonial legislature.

When Winthrop became governor in 1629, he changed the government of Massachusetts Bay Colony from a Puritan theocracy to a more secular one. He did this by instituting the Half-Way Covenant, which allowed those who had not experienced religious conversion to still participate in church membership.

This increased the number of people eligible to vote and hold office and helped to create a more stable society. Additionally, Winthrop worked to end giving land grants to individuals instead of creating townships that elected officials would run.

These changes made the colony more self-sufficient and less reliant on outside assistance. Finally, Winthrop negotiated treaties with Native American tribes, which helped to keep the peace and maintain good relations between the colonists and others.

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