Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

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Rowling, J.K.
AR Quiz No. 32082 EN

As Harry and his best friends begin their third year at Hogwarts, they soon learn that an escaped mass murderer is on the loose and that the prison guards of Azkaban have been called in to protect the school. It’s important to note that the plot includes instances of profanity.

ATOS Book Level:6.7
Interest Level:Middle Grades (MG 4-8)
AR Points:18.0
Word Count:106821
Topic – Subtopic:Adventure-Danger; Award Winners-Guardian Children’s Fiction Prize; Award Winners-NCTE Notable Children’s Books in the Lan; Award Winners-Bilby Award; Award Winners-Booklist Editors’ Choice; Award Winners-Bram Stoker Award/Nominee; Award Winners-Publishers Weekly Best Book; Award Winners-ALA Notable/Best Books; Award Winners-Mythopoeic Fantasy Award for Children’s; Award Winners-VOYA Award/Honor; Award Winners-Smithsonian’s Notable Book; Award Winners-Costa/Whitbread Children’s Award; Fantasy/Imagination-Magic; Horror/Thriller-Witches/Warlocks, Wizards, & Sorcerers/Sorceresses; Power Lessons AR-Grade 4; Recommended Reading-NY Times Editor’s Choice; Recommended Reading-Children’s Literature Choice; Recommended Reading-IRA Teachers Choices/ILA Teachers Choice; Recommended Reading-Coop. Children’s Book Center; What Kids Are Reading, 2022-Grade 8: Top 20 Fiction/Nonfiction Books; What Kids Are Reading, 2022-Grade 7: Top 20 Fiction/Nonfiction Books;
Series:Harry Potter;

Quiz Answers

What was one thing in the envelope Ron sent to Harry on his birthday?
A newspaper clippings showing the Weasleys in front of a pyramid

After Harry ran away from the Dursleys, he planned to go to London to –
Take money out of the vault and begin life as an outcast

Harry overheard Mr. and Mrs. Weasley arguing whether –
Harry should be told that Black was after him

After a dementor came to his compartment, Harry couldn’t understand why –
He had been able to understand the dementor’s words

After Harry’s first Divination class, Professor McGonagall said that-
Sybil Trelawney predicted the death of one student each year

What was the reason Malfoy pretended to have a lasting injury on his arm
To get Hagrid fired

Ron wondered if Lupin was mad after learning that Lupin had?
Drank the potion that Snape made for him

In the match against Hufflepuff, Harry was able to see after?
Hermione cast a spell that made his glasses repel water

Hermione wanted to Harry to hand in the marauder’s map because she feared –
Black was using a passage on the map to get into the castle

In three broomsticks, what did Harry hear his teacher and the others say
Black had been the potter’s secret keeper

When Dumbledore said three should do it, Hermione thought to
Go back in time to rescue Black and Buckbeak

What was in the black’s letter that would make Harry’s next year more enjoyable
A parchment giving Harry permission to visit Hogsmeade

why did Professor McGonagall take the firebolt from Harry
To check it for jinxes

What did professor lupin tell Harry about dementors
Dementors only lowered it’s hood to suck out a person’s soul

When some Slytherins dressed as dementors at the Quidditch match, Harry
Blasted them with the Patronus charm

In Hogsmeade. Malfoy saw an extraordinary apparition after?
The invisibility cloak slid off Harry’s face

In Hagriid’s cabin before buckbeacks execution, Hermione shrieked after?
She saw the face of buckbeaks executioner

What helpful thing did Crookshanks do after Ron was dragged away by the dog
He stopped the whomping willow by moving and stepping on the Knot

After black saw a picture of Ron and his family in the paper, he knew
Scrabbers was really Peter Pettigrew

Why did Black feel that he was as good as killed Harry’s parents
He persuaded them to use Peter as their secret keeper


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