Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince AR Test Answers

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During the ongoing classes for sixth-year students at Hogwarts, Harry Potter endeavors to uncover the comprehensive and intricate tale of the boy who transformed into Lord Voldemort in order to discover his sole weakness. The storyline includes some mild violence and profanity.

ATOS Book Level7.2
Interest LevelMiddle Grades Plus (MG+ 6 and up)
AR Points29.0
Word Count169441

Quiz Answers

  1. Introduce him to the new.
  2. He gave Kreacher an order.
  3. Bill Weasley and
  4. Try to find out what
  5. Making a potion using instructions
  6. Merope had a secret mission
  7. He realized Mundungs had
  8. He preferred to operate alone
  9. He wanted Ron to feel
  10. Stand alongside the Ministry
  11. Killed his father
  12. Teach them
  13. Follow Malfoy
  14. He wanted the cup
  15. defense against the dark arts
  16. the snake nagini
  17. ginny ran to Harry
  18. It was shape who over heard
  19. the full body-bind curse
  20. the book had been owned


100% correct: 20 of 20. Words read: 169,441


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