From which end (North or South) of a bar magnet do magnetic field lines emerge?

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From which end (North or South) of a bar magnet do magnetic field lines emerge? North or South?
Do the field lines really start at the pole face?-Yes or No?
Do magnetic field lines ever start or end anywhere? Yes or No?


Magnetic field lines emerge from the North and point towards the South.

No, magnetic field lines DO NOT really start at the pole face.

No, magnetic field lines are CONTINUOUS and thus do not start or stop.

Why does a magnetic compass point to the Geographic North Pole?

The geographical north pole is not the location of a magnetic compass. A magnetic compass points to the earth’s magnetic poles, which are different from the earth’s geographic poles. Furthermore, near the Earth’s North Pole, the south magnetic pole is actually the north magnetic pole. When it comes to magnets, opposites attract.

Because magnetic lines of force flow from the north magnetic pole to the south magnetic pole, the northern end of a magnet in a compass are drawn to the southern geographic pole. Outside of a permanent magnet, magnetic field lines always extend from the north magnetic pole to the south magnetic Pole. As a result, Earth’s magnetic field lines extend from the southern hemisphere

The geographic poles are the points where the earth’s rotation axis intersects the surface of the planet. To make a tennis ball spin, think about holding it between your thumb and forefinger and pushing on one side. The geographical north and south poles of a tennis ball’s spin are where your thumb and finger touch. A person standing on the equator

The northern and southern magnetic poles are the area’s geographic and magnetic centrepieces. Because they result from distinct processes, Earth’s geographical and magnetic poles aren’t precisely aligned. The liquid iron circulating currents in the outer core cause Earth’s magnetic field. Furthermore, the position of the earth’s magnetic poles relative to its geographic poles varies continuously.

The magnetic south pole presently resides 10 degrees from the geographic north pole and is located in the Arctic Ocean north of Alaska. The northern end of a compass now points somewhat toward Alaska rather than precisely to the geographical north.

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