FEMA IS-66 Answers

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The Preparing the Nation for Space Weather Events Independent Study course provides knowledge and understanding about space weather events, their potential impacts, and the roles of the Federal Government and local Emergency Managers in preparing for and mitigating these impacts.

IS-66: Preparing the Nation for Space Weather Events Answers

The most visible attribute of a geomagnetic storm is theAurora
Technologies and infrastructure supporting communication networks are at what risk of experiencing degradation from a space weather event?Highest risk
Forecasters use these to predict space weather on time scales ranging from hours to weeks.numerical models
SWPC relies on space-based observations andground-based observations
Public health and safety can be affected by space weather due to potentialradiation spikes
Which are explosive outbursts of plasma from the Sun’s outer atmosphere?Coronal Mass Ejections
Communications at what frequency can be affected by space weather?High Frequency only
SPWC notification products include watches, warnings, alerts andSummaries
Space weather is a consequence of the behavior ofthe Sun
Solar radiation storms occur when large quantities of accelerated particles impact the Earth. These particles areNuerons and protons
North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) is the electric reliability organization forCanada
Which is not a part of a “PACE” plan?Coordination
Approximately every 11 years, the Sun’s magnetic fieldflips
In 2018, this organization was named a global space weather center for the International Civil Aviation Organization.Space Weather Prediction Center


  1. IS-66: Preparing the Nation for Space Weather Events

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