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This course aims to equip participants with knowledge and skills on effectively using social media technologies in their emergency management organizations, such as state, local, and tribal groups. The course will cover the importance of social media in emergency management, the functions and features of popular social media sites, and best practices for utilizing social media during the five mission areas of emergency management.

Additionally, the course will address the process for building and sustaining social media capabilities in emergency management organizations.

IS-42.A: Social Media in Emergency Management Answers

Which type of Social Media platform is the most like Old Media?Youtube: the use of video mimics the format of televised news broadcasts
When adopting the use of social media in emergency management, it is important to have:An outcome you wish to achieve through the use of social media tools
What is a major internal concern that could affect the incorporation of social media into emergency management?All of the above
By posting a video on Youtube, displaying an emergency response drill to a domestic terrorism situation, an emergency management agency succeeds in not only preparing first responders, but also in _Informing the public and helping the community feel at ease
The best reason for evaluating the measurement of your social media impact is to:All of the above
Which transition level is designed to begin the process of public participation?Level 4: Cooperate
Social media is a valuable tool because it:All of the above
By allowing a community group to repost your content, and following them in order to support them where you can and to insure your content is represented properly, your organization is able to:Respond to new, incorrect, or conflicting information
In order to be more cost-effective, it is important when establishing a support structure to:Be creative in using current staff and cross-train on the different platforms used
Taking information, ­gathering tasks, that would normally be done by in-house, dedicated staff, and outsourcing to the public is known as:Crowd­ sourcing
What is the most useful advantage of social media in an emergency response effort?All of the above
In order to increase your capacity to manage social media communication, in particular during a crisis when social networks are very active with posts, an option would be to:Use pre­identified, trained volunteers
An example of fostering transparency and accountability would be to:Correct misinformation concerning a failing pumping station during a severe rainstorm
What advantages does the Internet offer for sharing news that Old Media does not?There are more people who use the internet than there are that listen to AM radio
One key benefit that the use of social media gives emergency response organizations during times of disaster is?The ability to connect directly to people in need of assistance
Which best exemplifies the use of social media to save lives in a fast-moving disaster event?Tweeting warnings of road closures and hazardous conditions during a snowstorm
One example of how social media can be used to build community resilience by the promotion of participation in government would be toAll of the above
What is the most important change the internet and social media have brought to sharing information?Average citizens are given a voice and can interact with others about the information given or received
It is important when you first start using social media, to create a trial account because this will allow you to:All of the above
The benefit of posting pictures of flooding after a major storm is?Building situation awareness throughout the community
An RSS feed allows an organization to publish new content on a website, blog, or other platform and syndicate this to subscribers. RSS would be useful in establishing a social media presence because it:Makes it easier for people to subscribe to your webpage without having to go and visit it
You notice that an association of nursing homes in your county has an active Twitter account. Your association has been having trouble getting them involved in emergency preparation drills, so you decide to monitor their accounts, follow their tweets and participate in the conversation when appropriate. By doing so you are able to:Communicate more directly and effectively with constituents
Someone has spread a rumor about an ongoing disaster and the emergency management organization uses its Facebook page to correct the information. This exemplifies how social media can be used to:Respond quickly and effectively to new, incorrect, or conflicting data
This transition level allows emergency managers to study the social media medium and language used in order to better understand the workings of the service.Level 1: Monitor
In the event of a tornado, the most effective social media platform to use to warn citizens would be?Twitter
Which of these advantages of social media as a New Media, could also be viewed as a disadvantage?Anyone with access and minimal skills can post and repurpose information gathered
An emergency management agency uses Youtube to post videos on how to prepare for disasters. Which level of transition does this fall under?Level 5: Collaborate
What is the most important external issue when using social media in emergency management?Nationally, 22 percent of adults do not use or have access to the internet


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