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This course is designed for emergency managers and program implementers of children’s programs to provide guidance on meeting the unique needs of children during disasters and emergencies.

The course covers mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery, and is based on a document by Save the Children. The primary audience is local and state emergency managers and planners, as well as other individuals or groups involved in meeting the needs of children such as childcare providers and schools.

The course is 6 hours in length and provides 0.6 CEUs.

FEMA IS-366.A: Planning for the Needs of Children in Disasters

Which two statements best describe why it is important to understand the demographic of the community when conducting mitigation planning?Both C. and D.: C. Using geographic information systems allows you to see where households with children are located so you can plan for their needs.
D. ow-to-moderate income neighborhoods often experience greater damage in disasters because of high-risk areas and low-cost construction.
True or False: Families are more likely to participate in community activities when they feel connected to the community. In a disaster, this may translate into increased willingness to follow urgent community directives such as when to evacuate or where to shelter in place.TRUE
The school custodian is responsible for carrying which of the following during an evacuation/relocation and lockdown:School floor plan including shut-off valves for all utilities
All of the following areas are considered high-risk and should be protected by high-security locks and an alarm EXCEPT:Music Room
True or False: Hazard mitigation planning is generally a linear process.FALSE
Which one of the following people is the BEST choice to include in a community’s Emergency Operations Plan, to act as a liaison with the public health sector?school nurse
Which one of the following would be the BEST mitigation strategy for a community that is prone to frequent flooding?Elevating homes
Children can become separated from their families during a disaster because:All of the above
Which one of the following critical components of a child’s world provides the FIRST means of accounting for children in disasters?Families
Starting a maintenance and security safety checklist may be helpful in addressing the important balance between sufficient building security and:providing students with a healthy, nurturing, normal environment
The school has a well-developed network of _ to which students can be referred to help prevent violence and promote mental health.Service Providers
Which of the following is NOT a question that should be addressed by a school’s or childcare facility’s emergency operations plan?What personal items can be taken during the evacuation?
What information is needed about a location in order to include it in a GIS?Latitude and longitude
According to the maintenance and security safety checklist, which TWO of the following elements provide the best building security:Both A & C: total blackout & adequate exterior directional lighting
Which one is NOT a factor that leads to resilience among children faced with disaster?Allow children to watch as much television as possible.
During which step of the hazard mitigation planning process should the planning team be established?Organize resources
Which one of the following is most likely NOT a step that can be taken to reduce the impact of different types of threats and disasters?Assign each student a partner to hold each other’s hand during a disaster.
Which of the following is the main priority for helping children return to their normal routines and education?Provision of temporary housing, schools, and childcare facilities where needed.
Effective prevention actions along with effective training and exercises can improve a school or childcare facility’s ability to protect, mitigate, respond, and _ emergencies.recover from
In order to prevent violence and promote mental health and well-being, schools and childcare facilities may want to review whether students have access to the following programs (select all that apply):All of the above
All following elements have been identified as important to supporting the school’s level of involvement with law enforcement EXCEPT:The school threatens children with punishment from law enforcement officials for even the most minor infractions.
Select all the ways a parent can help a child build resilience through communication:All of the above
Which one of the following is the MOST important step you can take to provide for the physical safety and emotional stability of children in disasters?Preserve family unity.
When a disaster strikes and people are evacuated to shelters, it is important to consider not only their physical needs, such as a roof over their heads and a place to sleep, but also:their mental and emotional needs
Why did emergency management officials have to change their policy about evacuating citizens with special needs separately from those without special needs?Evacuating citizens with special needs separately could lead to the separation of families.


  1. IS-366.A: Planning for the Needs of Children in Disasters

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