FEMA IS-346 Answers

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FEMA IS-346: An Orientation to Hazardous Materials for Medical Personnel Answers

What type of injury is not likely to occur from a chemical?Bone damage
If you have a diagnostic X-ray, then you have been:Externally irradiated
What is the name of a reference tool that is produced by chemical manufacturers that provides information on the chemicalidentify of the hazardous material, its known acute and chronic effects, and exposure limits, among other things?Chemical Hazards Information Response System
Alpha and beta particles and gamma rays are examples of:Ionizing radiation
Which of the following is an inaccurate statement regarding radiation?There was no radiation present prior to 1944.
When should you use Level C personal protection equipment?When the highest level of respiratory, skin, eye, and mucous membrane protection is needed
Under what circumstances is isolation necessary when dealing with hazardous materials events?When hazardous materials contamination is known or suspected.
Which of the following groups designates compliance issues regarding hazardous materials?EPA, NRC, and OSHAEPA, NRC, and OSHA
How can you reduce the exposure to ionizing radiation?Spend as little time as possible in a radiation field.
A chemical that causes a sudden, almost instantaneous release of pressure, gas and heat when subjected to
sudden shock, pressure or high temperatures best describes which type of DOT hazardous materials
Class 1’Explosives
Which of the following statements best describes the procedure that should be followed by the person first responding to a hazardous materials emergency call?Assume the victim(s) are contaminated until proven otherwise and base any actions on that assumption.
Which of the following is most likely to be a source of hazardous materials within the home?Household cleaning products
Under what conditions would you take samples of vomitus, sputum and serum creatinine?When internal contamination is suspected
Which of the following statements best describes a hospital’s involvement in hazardous materials and events?A hospital’s involvement in hazardous materials incidents may take many forms, including diagnosis of the hazardous material and treatment of contaminated patients.
The SI unit for quantity of radioactive materials is:Becquerel
If you remove the biological (etiologic) contamination hazards through destroying microorganisms and their toxins, what mechanism of decontamination did you use?Disinfection
What is the purpose of a hospital emergency/disaster response plan?It describes the policies and procedures that should be followed in the event of a hazardous materials incident.
What is gross decontamination?The removal or chemical alteration of the majority of a contaminant
How is the exposure rate generally expressed?In Roentgens Per Hour
What is the purpose of a control zone?To differentiate the controlled (contaminated) area from the noncontrolled (uncontaminated) area

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