FEMA IS-331 Answers

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FEMA IS-331: Introduction to Radiological Emergency Preparedness (REP) Exercise Evaluation Answers

Evaluation Area 4, Field Measurement and Analysis, requires OROs to demonstrate their capability and:Measure and analyze release levels within the nuclear facility.
When an evaluator sees a deviation from the plan or procedures but does not directly observe a evaluator should:When an evaluator sees a deviation from the plan or procedures but does not directly observe the evaluator should:
A major purpose of the preliminary feedback session is to:Conduct a preliminary discussion of positive and negative aspects of the exercise.
Which of the following is an example of a protective action?Use of potassium iodide to block the thyroid’s uptake of radioiodines.
Which of the following is evaluated under Evaluation Area 2, Protective Action Decision makingAmbient radiation measurements are made and recorded at appropriate locations.
The four emergency classification levels, arranged from lowest to highest, are:Notification of Unusual Event, Alert, Site Area Emergency, General Emergency.
In demonstrating primary alerting and notification, the ORO should:Demonstrate broadcast procedures, short of actual transmission.
Decontamination of evacuees/emergency workers:Must be demonstrated on at least 6 individuals.
OROs should maintain enough inventories of potassium iodide for:Emergency workers, institutionalized persons, and general public within the plume pathway EPZ if stipulated in
According to FEMA’s evaluation philosophy, response activities in an exercise:Should be based on the emergency response plan and procedures.
To ensure objectivity and accuracy, an evaluator should:Coordinate with other evaluators at the same location.
Evaluation Area 5 evaluates the ORO’s capabilities with regard to alert, notification, and public refers to:Activation of an attention-getting warning signal.
If an evaluator sees that an event that should have occurred is omitted, he/she should:Document its omission.
NUREG-0654/FEMA-REP-1:Describes the methodology to be used in evaluating REP exercises.
Which of the following is an example of immediate correction?A player performs a task unsatisfactorily, receives retraining, and repeats the task satisfactorily.
Keeping facility staff informed through periodic briefings is an important aspect of:Direction and control.
An important part of preparing for an evaluator assignment is:Correlating the evaluation criteria with the ORO’s response plan.
How is the use of immediate correction in an exercise determined?Negotiated before the exercise as part of the Extent of Play.
An evaluator should:Develop a detailed time record for observed events.
Which question is at the core of exercise evaluation?Was this criterion adequately demonstrated?
In evaluating the communication system, you find that the backup system is not functional. Yo on exercise performance. You should:Document the fact and write up an exercise issue.
During the exercise, reception center facilities for evacuees:May be demonstrated through a combination of interview and videotapes.
During an exercise you are evaluating whether the ORO has the ability to select, establish, and traffic and access control points. This capability is evaluated under:Evaluation Area 3, Protective Action Implementation.
A loss of offsite and onsite power has caused a serious safety condition at a nuclear facility. A that could exceed PAGs within the plant boundaries but is not expected to exceed PAGs outside the Emergency Classification Level is this situation likely to trigger?Site Area Emergency (SAE)
Exercise evaluation focuses on whether the jurisdiction:Protects the health and safety of the public and emergency workers.
The __ identifies demonstrations and simulations, indicates what evaluators should specifies acceptable simulation limits.Extent of Play
An exercise issue is:A performance problem that is linked with specific NUREG-0654 standards and evaluation criteria and has the
public health and safety.
A PAG is:The projected radiation dose that warrants taking protective action.
During the exercise activity, an evaluator should:Take concise notes about what you see and hear.
What should an evaluator do about documenting Federal play in the exercise?Document Federal play.
The Evaluation Modules completed by evaluators are:Used by the FEMA region to prepare the overall exercise report.
The capability to notify emergency personnel of an emergency situation or of a change in emer is evaluated under:Mobilization.
The area within a 10-mile radius of a nuclear facility is known as the:Plume EPZ
In the post-plume phase, field measurement and analysis focuses on:Characterizing the extent of the release and the direction of the plume path.
Exercise activities are managed by:The controller.

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