FEMA IS-33 Answers

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A FEMA manager supports a candidate for a local partisan election. Select the reason below as to why the manager cannot send an e-mail invitation to a fundraiser for a candidate from his office computer.Government employees may not use Government workplaces or equipment for political activities.
Yolanda, a FEMA employee, plans to solicit contributions for a retirement gift for her boss. Which of the following is Yolanda NOT permitted to do?Encourage contractors to sponsor the retirement party.
Chris, a FEMA educational specialist is working with a local university to develop a fire safety training program for FEMA employees. The university offers Chris a part-time consulting job on developing fire safety courses. Which of the following should Chris do?Turn down the job because it would create a conflict of interest.
Ruth, a FEMA supervisor, has a side business selling cookware out of her home. Can she sell any merchandise to her subordinates at FEMA?No, Ruth may not sell the merchandise to her subordinates.
Rita, a FEMA manager, has a second job as a realtor. Which of the following is Rita allowed to do?She may use her personal cell phone to contact clients during her lunch break.
Helen is a FEMA employee. Her friend is working on a proposal for a Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) contract bid solicitation related to pandemic influenza. During a social event, Helen mentions some facts to her friend that are contained in internal, nonpublic agency information about a recent pandemic influenza exercise that might help her friend’s in putting together a technical proposal for the bid. Is this a violation of ethics rules?Yes, Helen cannot reveal internal, nonpublic information to her friend.
A FEMA office needs a conference planner, and Bert’s sister has a conference planning business. Which of the following actions may Bert take?Tell his sister where a contract solicitation or announcement is publicly posted.
Which of the following is TRUE about Government ethics rules?Federal ethics rules are designed to maintain public confidence in the integrity of Government.
You are a FEMA employee assigned as a contracting officer to work with Five Star Generators. Five Star Generators’ current contract, worth over $10 million, is being re-competed. A Five Star Generators manager asks you to write an endorsement for the company to use on its bid. The manager also offers you a job. Which of the following is the best course of action for you to follow?Refuse to take the job or give an endorsement, and notify your supervising contracting officer or the head of the contracting activity.
George, a FEMA employee, assesses Information Technology (IT) needs for FEMA. An IT vendor who does business with FEMA knows that George is a football fan and offers him two tickets to a game. Is this statement TRUE or FALSE: George may accept the free tickets because this is a one-time event, not a frequent occurrence.False.

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