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The course aims to train Hazard Mitigation Specialists to explain the tornado and high-wind hazards and effective mitigation measures to people affected by these hazards.

The course objectives include identifying two types of winds that cause damage, specific mitigation measures for manufactured housing, directing impacted individuals to local building officials, engineers, and other specialists before starting repairs, and using official FEMA information, publications, and websites to support mitigation recommendations.

The course takes 1 hour to complete, has no prerequisites, and offers 0.1 CEUs.

FEMA IS-319.A: Tornado Mitigation Basics for Mitigation Staff Answers

Which is an example of damage caused by rotating vortex windsStructures ripped apart
What mitigation measure is used to prevent outbuildings from becoming flying debris?Anchoring with straps similar to those used in manufactured homes
What type of damage is it when a manufactured home shifts off of its foundation due to an anchoring system failure?Indirect damage
What mitigation measure is used to help protect garages from being breached by straight-line winds?Reinforcing garage doors with metal bars and brackets
Which of the websites listed is one that you would prefer to as resources for tornado mitigation information?FEMA’s Hazard Mitigation Disaster Workforce
What mold publications should Hazard Mitigation staff distribute?ONLY the mold publication provided by the Hazard Mitigation Community Education and Outreach Group.
How do ground anchors derive much of their resistance to wind loads?Ground anchors are designed to transfer wind loads from the roof, to the walls, to the main floor, and then to the ground.
Which one is a correct statement about mitigation measures for straight-line winds?Shingles should be attached to the roof decking with appropriate length roofing nails.
Which type of damage has an increased risk of destroying a manufactured home?Direct damage
What design feature makes a hip roof more resistant to wind damage than a gable-style roof?slopes on all sides
How much distance should be between the building and any tree?The distance should be at least 3/4ths of the height of the tree when it reaches full growth
Which is NOT a reason for advising members of the public to visit the local building official before beginning any repairs or rebuilding? Building officials will:reinforce the point that only FEMA publications and advice should be used when rebuilding a structure that has sustained substantial damage
Which is an example of damage caused by straight-line winds?Collapsed structure
What is the effect when additions like carports, awnings, or porches are attached to manufactured homes without the inclusion of special provisions to support those attachments during the original construction of the home?Increases the potential for damages
Who is responsible for the decision on the type of advice to provide to individuals with damaged homes?State Health Department
What type of damage is reduced by installing impact-resistant glass, functional shutters, and double door top and bottom latches?Damage from straight-line winds
Which is an example of damage caused by straight-line winds?Broken windows
Why should trees be pruned?Pruning decreases the risk of roof damage when trees fall on buildings.
When referring the public to wind-related FEMA publication, what should you point out?There are different measures for rotating vortex winds and straight-line winds
When advising members of the public about reducing the risk of future hazard damages, whom should you always tell them to visit before beginning any repairs or rebuilding?The local building official
How should the metal brackets and straps used to strengthen a structure be attached?at the studs and rafters
What should you do when speaking with members of the public about reducing the risk of future hazard damages?ALWAYS direct people to local building officials when they are planning repairs or mitigation
Which is a basic fact about mold that can be shared with the public?It is a myth that musty or earthy odors may indicate mold.
What is the purpose of anchoring storage sheds and other outbuildings?To prevent outbuildings from becoming flying debris
Which is the most effective life-safety protection from the rotating vortex winds of a strong tornado?Safe room or stand-alone shelter
Pruning trees to allow the air to blow through the branches helps keep the tree rooted in strong windsTRUE
Double entry doors should be secured with a latch at the top of the door which protrudes into the doorframe to prevent the doors from being blown open by high winds. No other latching is necessaryFALSE
The correct continuous load path is roof to upper floor walls to lower walls to main floor to foundationTRUE
Which organization(s) partner with FEMA to provide user-friendly information and guidance on tornado mitigation?All of the above
FEMA does not recommend reinforcing the garage door with metal bars and brackets to increase resistance to high-wind pressure because this may hinder evacuationFALSE
The primary purpose of directing the public to local building officials before repairing or rebuilding after a tornado is:Their community may have a floodplain ordinance, a building code, and/or other requirements for rebuilding.
Manufactured homes may experience direct damage and indirect damage from tornados. Direct damage to manufactured housing from tornados may include connection failures as well as anchorage failures.FALSE
What type of damage could be caused by straight-line winds from a tornado?All of these are correct
Straight-line winds from a tornado are nothing like the winds of a hurricane.FALSE
Recommended mitigation measures for windows include using impact resistant glass and functional shutters.FALSE
The purpose of adding fasteners and straps is:To improve the manufactured home’s wind resistance
What is the purpose of hardening a structure by strengthening the continuous load path?All of these are correct.
When a manufactured home shifts off of its foundation due to an anchoring system failure, this is called indirect damage.FALSE
Which mitigation measure below should be recommended to reduce risk of damage by high winds to outbuildings and trees near a structure?Anchor outbuildings and sheds with anchor straps similar to those used for manufactured homes.
FEMA’s recommendations for protecting life from tornado’s vortex winds are to use a safe room in a house or stay in a stand-alone shelter.TRUE
When additions such as awnings, carports, or porches are attached to a manufactured home, the potential for damage to the home increases.TRUE
Rotating vortex winds can uproot trees, lift vehicles off the ground, and shear off roofs while leaving the rest of the house untouched.FALSE


  1. IS-319.A: Tornado Mitigation Basics for Mitigation Staff

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